Media and architecture

The media is the inception of connecting the world with the help of communication. It provides a platform for delivering ideas, innovation, policies, and trends worldwide. Media has become a basic need for every profession, education, organization, and other activity. Architecture assimilates the power of media in its different phases and different styles. It has a great impact on the educational dimension as it broadens the access and aspect of learning to wide ratios of architectural timeline, learning the basic theories of architecture along with identifying its practical scenario in the field. 

Media is a powerful source for an organization, specifically in terms of developing new ideas and policies in architectural intervention, it accelerates the reach of these policies as a new guide to the architects and designers. Besides analyzing media as a need, it can be understood as a shared route of world architectural style and trends by communicating the various styles and trends of places and countries.

Media has two basic forms of outreaching its audience, print media and digital media. Print media is a form of delivering ideas through newspapers, journals, and magazines whereas digital media incorporates the online websites, blogs, videos, etc. some worldwide platforms of the print and digital media in the architecture area are-

Print media– Magazines, such as Architectural Digest, A+D magazine, Inside Outside, Architectural Review, TC Cuadernos, Metropolis, etc.

Digital Media-  Online websites and Blogs, such as Archdaily, Design boom, Architizer, home designing, Apartment Therapy, New Atlas, Rethinking The Future, etc.

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Media coverage: an essential tool for architects and designers:

Media has its benefits in the architectural field locally and internationally but the requirement of media in the architectural profession and its importance for architects and designers is different from the rest of the scenarios, here the motive of media as a source or reference changes from its cultural aspects to the commercial aspect. It helps architects and designers to expand their business and empower their work globally, hence the role of the media network and the power of its communication brief the media coverage for architects and designers’ projects and commercial growth.

Here are some of the reasons stating the importance of print or digital media in the professional field for architects and designers-

  • Enlarge your network- The power of media coverage is that it helps to build and then expand your network through its community. Every architect aims to have exposure to a wide yet selective audience to reflect and gain a positive outcome for his work. The media sources like magazines, architectural websites, book publishing, etc bring readers to the Architecture and these sources help you to engage them in your networks. These sources publish details of your project, design style, construction technique, or any other architectural perspective on their pages and deliver them to the audience, the millions of readers that either build your network or broaden your network to the larger community.
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  • Promote your brand- Media coverage helps you build your clients. It provides you a recognition in the crowd, news articles, and online websites such as just dial building a direct platform that establishes a smooth contact between you and your client and also creates a path for the clients to approach your firm. Furthermore, websites and journals build your recognition and promote your brand in a global context with wide viewers and present you as the face of some big commercial project or an innovation leader.
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  • Enhance business opportunities- After building your recognition and creating your brand, the influence of media can enhance your commercial graph by increasing business opportunities for you. Influencing is the technique that sometimes grows exponentially by stepping from one person to another, magazines and blogs with millions of readers cast, your image in their frame with astonishing descriptions about you and your work style attracts more people who can be clients, developers, another business owner, towards your works and style which later create business opportunities for you and again accelerate your network for future interventions.
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  • Transform your recognition– creating a brand and building a recognized profile of yours and your firm brings client and business opportunities to you but in a growing competition and crowd in the field need boosting your brand graph which is possible with the help of the transformation of the image that is already existing. You must keep accessing your media picture with new leads, and updating your brand with your contribution, innovation, and commercial ventures. This update will let you grow further and helps you to maintain your brand picture in the crowd.

Access to social media

 Social media is a form of interactive digital media with its user potential growing enormously. Social media facilitates sharing of information, and ideas through virtual networks. It is easily accessible to everyone and requires no medium hence, mostly used by everyone. You can build and manage your network,  share your projects and other architectural content. It allows you to connect to your clients and grow your business online, and it is not limited to your social media, but can connect to other pages and post your content on media groups and pages.

Few social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin are used excessively by people and have active content on architecture.

Why having regular access to print or digital media important for architects and designers. - Sheet6
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Divyanshi Sahu is a young ,passionate architect and co-author of book –“philosophies from not so philosophers ” the connectivity of her thoughts with the architectural diversity , drives her to explore and write more about the variations of the field.