Many architects devote a considerable amount of time sitting over computer design tools. Developing effective models is essential for providing assistance in picturing buildings. Architects, on the other hand, perform a lot of work outside of the office. They must investigate potential sites and take into account any potential impacts that the environment might have on their structures. They frequently meet with clients while doing site visits.

This implies that they require mobile access to their work. To achieve this, mobile technology has made tremendous advancements in recent years. Architects may now access their work from anywhere thanks to cloud-based technologies. To show clients a design while they are there, one may build it in the office and view it using a smartphone or tablet computer. As an alternative, anyone can quickly convey information back to the workplace after gathering it from a website.

Of course, to do this effectively, users need the appropriate mobile apps. Here are the top 20 mobile applications for architects.

Autocad DWG viewer and Editor

Possibly the most well-liked architecture app for Android and iOS is AutoCAD. It functions as a strong DWG viewer and editor with simple drafting tools. The CAD app has a ton of capabilities, including layer management, streamlined site visits, and the ability to clone current tools.

Users may interact in real-time to minimize errors in addition to having better access to the most recent designs, which increases productivity. 

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Sketchup Viewer

The Sketchup viewer software displays 3D models in augmented reality (AR) on one Android phone and lets users open files straight from Dropbox, Trimble Connect, and 3D Warehouse.

Use multi-touch gestures to move around while circling, panning, and zooming. Choose from any angle you may have made in the desktop and web modelers for SketchUp to examine your creations.

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BIMx Explorer

BIMx Explorer includes the ‘BIMx Hyper-model,’ a complete technology that gives any member of the design team instant access to detailed 2D and 3D documentation. The software puts comprehensive details of every building component in your palm for quick reference around the office and on the construction site, and it combines the power of BIM with a mobile-friendly interface.

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Paper is an iOS-only sketching app that allows users to draw, paint, colour, and record ideas in digital sketchbooks.

Using a stylus, architects can doodle images, schematics, and other designs that can then be emailed to clients. In addition, the programme has pencil roughness, watercolour bleed, and a unique ink engine that resembles the appearance of real ink on paper.

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Sun Seeker

The Sun Seeker software, developed by ozPDA, a Sydney-based firm, includes a virtual compass with an augmented-reality camera 3D view that assists builders in determining the sun’s position, angle, and movement during the day.

Throughout the year, architects can collect information on the courses of the summer and winter solstices, sunrise and sunset times, and the spatial variations of the solar angle. The building’s elevation, the placement of the louvres, and the glass patterns can all be influenced by this solar information. 

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Morpholio Trace

The Trace app enables architects to take a photo or import an existing photo and trace over it with a pen to produce a concept drawing. Ideas can be added to and modified with the addition of layers and drawing markups. Additionally, users can change backdrop colours and pen palettes.

The trace sketches may be rendered and saved as an email attachment for use in other applications. 

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Morpholio Trace Interfaces_©Morpholio

iRhino 3D Viewer

iRhino 3D is a design viewing tool that allows users to view Rhino 3DM files on Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. With just a tap or slide of the finger, professionals can quickly zoom, pan, and rotate very large 3D design models on the fly.

The simple program can download Rhino models from websites, email attachments, Dropbox, Google Drive, iTunes, and webpages. 

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Grafio 4 

Grafio 4 is good software for creating mind maps and diagrams. It features drag-and-drop functionality for simplicity of use, shapes recognition to make it simple to construct mind maps, and audio note recording for meetings and interviews. More than 50 fonts, ten connection types, label shapes, and practical stencils are available. Apple Pencil, AirPrint, AirPlay, Dropbox, iPhone, iPad, and export choices are all supported by the program.

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Autodesk Formit 

Autodesk® FormIt® 360 enables users to capture architectural design concepts whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Utilize actual building data to support early design decisions and contextually assist form creation. Using Autodesk® Revit® software and other apps, experience a continuous Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow by synchronizing designs in the cloud for future improvement.

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Utilize this application to manage the construction process and organize your construction paperwork. Although it is undoubtedly for Construction Administration, it has many similarities to Bluebeam. This program maintains a central repository of documents that can be viewed from all devices and is continuously updated. RFI, pictures, updates, specifications, submittals, and more are all continuously accessible on all of your devices.

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Plangrid app Interfaces_©apkmonk

Morpholio Design Portfolio 

A Morpholio application created just for designers. Users are able to make as many portfolios as they want with this. Within this software, users may edit, produce covers, share, and do a lot more. The option to sketch over the photographs and send a private critique to someone is one of the app’s really excellent features.

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Adobe Ideas(iOS)

Adobe Ideas is a digital sketchbook tool that allows users to draw and sketch practically anywhere. Create a finished design with Adobe Ideas, then quickly access the output for editing with Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later.

Because Adobe Ideas is a vector-based programme, drawings may be scaled to any size without losing detail or becoming pixelated. Bring your sketches into Adobe Illustrator to examine the vector routes and edit them since that programme is also vector-based.

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The database of ArchiMaps is divided into a number of independent guides, each one concentrating on a specific area, city, or architect. Each guide can be navigated through the map, which displays the buildings’ locations in relation to your own. Alternatively, you can use the list, which enables you to quickly scan every piece of architecture listed in the guide.

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My Measures

My Measures is an effective tool for storing and sharing object dimensions. The user only needs to snap a picture of the object, add dimensions (such as arrows, angles, and images of the details), and include text comments for better comprehension. Real estate brokers, engineers, carpenters, architects, auctioneers, construction workers, and do-it-yourselves all need My Measures. With the help of My Measures Cloud, users can synchronize projects across all of their devices, view computer files via a web browser, work together using shared folders, and send and receive files via Download and Receive links.

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RoomScan Pro

The Locometric software RoomScan Pro enables you to quickly create a floor plan of a whole space using your smartphone. Once you’ve made it around the room, just tap the phone on each adjacent wall, and the app will instantly build a floor plan, as if by magic. The software has been updated with new features that let you measure and draw stairs as well as scan and draw building exteriors, yards, and gardens.

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ArchiSnapper, an intelligent field-reporting tool, is fortunately made to save the user time and, hopefully, some sanity. On a smartphone or tablet, anyone may use the app to take pictures, sketch ideas, annotate, and make comments. With just one click, the app will produce a site report for you. One’s data is digitised, arranged, classified, and even synced to the cloud.

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A versatile place to ponder, plan, and create is Concepts. Draw storyboards, product sketches, and design plans on the limitless canvas take notes and doodle with tilt + pressure and then share them with friends, clients, and other apps. For this app, FiftyThree has reduced the UI of that sketching programme to its most fundamental components, maximising accessibility for new users while maintaining hidden layers of intricacy for those who need it.

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Isometric allows users to mix straightforward geometric shapes to produce stunning abstract art. A 60-degree rhombus is a foundation for everything.

Explore one’s imagination to the utmost and play with the tension between two and three dimensions. There are numerous chances for producing unique visuals and optical illusions.

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This Autodesk-created tool offers the ability to freely sketch along with some helpful methods of exporting drawings on various canvas sizes and at various resolutions. Simply said, this program allows users to quickly make drawings and photos on their smart devices that can subsequently be saved and improved on their PCs.

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Pixlr Express — Free Photo Editor

Pixlr Express is a free photo-editing tool with a number of functions not found in the default software of most smartphones. Users may give their architectural shots a polished look using masks and overlays, and there are other choices like Color Splash and Focal Blur to stylize photos.

Pixlr Express_©architizer

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