Known for the simple user interface that makes it relatively easy to learn and navigate, SketchUp is one of the best 3D modeling software for various design applications. From converting drawings into 3D models to giving them a realistic scene through rendering, this user-friendly software is suitable for students freshly venturing into 3D design, industry professionals, and anyone in between. Although it’s easy to become acquainted with the software by oneself and get the basics right, there are plenty of time-saving tools, plugins, and tricks that are worthy of knowing, allowing for the creation of highly complex shapes and detailed elements. The following are among the best tutorials for just about anything related to Sketch Up, aimed at every skill level:

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This is the official SketchUp YouTube channel exclusive to SketchUp-related news, tools, tutorials, and more. They offer tips and training for different skill levels, real-time modeling live streams, and discussions with industry professionals aimed at designers, architects, builders, engineers, and anybody whose work requires them to think in 3D. 

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BrightMan Designs | Sketch Up Tutorials


The tutor is an authorized Expert Trainer for SketchUp, showing the software’s workflow through his tutorials. The channel demonstrates an improved design process utilizing SketchUp, LayOut, ConDoc Tools, and Lumion, which is especially useful for architects and interior designers. 

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The SketchUp Essentials


Justin, the creator behind the channel, uploads new tutorials on SketchUp every week, ranging from Essentials videos and Extensions to Model Tutorials, Quick Tips, and more. Viewers can find videos exploring architecture modeling, landscape modeling, and 3D printing, among others. They are step-by-step and easy to follow, suitable for both SketchUp beginners and advanced users. For iPad users, there is a channel extension called The SketchUp Essentials for IPad, which can be found under the ‘channels’ tab on the link. 

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SketchUp School 


SketchUp School is a channel dedicated to teaching professionals in the creative and engineering fields on getting started with SketchUp, SketchUp Free vs. SketchUp Pro, floor plans, rendering, LayOut, V-Ray, Lumion, Blender, and much more, with plans to cover lots of additional topics. 

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MasterSketchUp | Sketch Up Tutorials


The instructor has a live teaching experience with students worldwide and has been featured on numerous websites highlighting his expertise. His channel has tutorials for architects, interior designers, woodworkers, and anybody who wants to master the software – from beginner to advanced. For more SketchUp resources by him, viewers can visit his website

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TN3D Studio 


Tony, the instructor behind the channel, teaches 3D modeling, architectural rendering, animation, and post-production, to help viewers with their creative flow as he works on refining his own software skills. In his videos, he shows viewers how to use V-ray and Enscape 3D to create beautiful renderings

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A channel packed with lessons covering plugins and modeling different elements, including furniture and parametric design. Additionally, the creator has uploaded some exciting tutorials on calligraphy modeling, Christmas tree modeling and even explains how to model an ear for those who happen to take delight in anatomy. 

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SketchUp Expert 


This channel has lots of short clips that explain different plugins but also delves into 3D visualization, design production, 3D animation, scene visualization, augmented reality, and more. Additionally, the instructor has created several extensions, which can be accessed at the link provided on the channel. 

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Aaron Bishop Design | Sketch Up Tutorials


Aaron is a graphic designer who posts tutorials on cool features in various programs, including SketchUp. In SketchUp, he explains how to build different elements in house design in a step-by-step approach, whereby the viewer can follow his workflow.  

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This channel contains interesting tutorials on tools, plugins, and parametric design, plus videos for beginners. Viewers can also find his conceptual models interesting and even learn how to model a wormhole. 

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Designer Hacks | Sketch Up Tutorials


The channel uploads simple and engaging tutorials and tips on helping designers increase their productivity, including Do It Yourself (DIY) how-tos, and practical tools for designers, covering software such as Sketchup, Photoshop, AutoCAD, and others. Among the tutorials are lessons on using SketchUp for 3D printing and speed builds for those who need a little inspiration.  

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AF Channel 


A channel that shares house design tutorials, focusing on both interior and exterior aspects. Viewers can follow the instructor’s workflow as he designs and models the structures from the ground up.

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Sam Phoas | Sketch Up Tutorials 


Using Sketchup and Lumion, this channel designs and renders houses, homes, and villas, focusing on both their interior and exterior. 

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Architecture Inspirations 


The tutor, Minh, shares his expertise, how-to guides, and architectural rendering and visualization techniques. Viewers can dig into Lumion, V-Ray, and Photoshop tutorials among the videos he uploads to better their rendering skills. 

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Jungle Constructions 


Jungle Constructions is a channel that focuses on architectural visualization, using SketchUp with V-Ray and occasionally Photoshop. It is an excellent place for those who want to master the rendering side of architecture. 

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Rio Ryne | Sketch Up Tutorials


Rio Ryne offers comprehensive tutorials on home interior and exterior design, from floor plans to rendering. Those curious about stretching their SketchUp muscles in a new direction can check out his videos on character modeling as well.

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Designer Hacks


This website has a growing library of tutorials divided into different skill levels in both video and written formats, as per the varying learning preferences of students. They take learners step by step through various topics, which helps them grasp the material quickly.

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Rich O’Brien 


A channel that engages in SketchUp guides, tips, and techniques, from fundamentals to the advanced level. Viewers can visit  for new posts and tutorials each week to assist with the learning.

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ACreate | Sketch Up Tutorials


ACreate uploads video tutorials on interior design and rendering using SketchUp with Lumion and Enscape. Viewers can follow along the creation of the interior of an entire apartment or individual apartment rooms.


SketchUp for Interior Designers 


As the title demonstrates, the course is aimed at interior designers and comprises an extensive library of lessons and in-depth tutorials. It offers paid monthly and yearly subscription plans, with a 3-day free trial. Additionally, new content is uploaded every week that aids with learning. 

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