Edoardo Tresoldi is an Italian sculptor who combines different languages of art to create contemporary, nearly transparent sculptures using wire mesh. The artist creates poetry that connects humans with their landscapes. He has been marking his presence out in public since 2013 with context-responsive artworks. This extremely talented artist is marked up in the ’30 under 30′ list of Forbes. Introduced in public spaces, archaeological settings, creative parks, carnivals, live events, and exhibits around the world, Edoardo Tresoldi has zeroed in on his inventive work on the study of landscape components. The elements of 

Tresoldi picked his design to include humans, animals, and buildings.

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AURA  Edoardo Tresoldi_©Roberto Conte
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AURA  Edoardo Tresoldi_©Roberto Conte

Aura, the site-specific installation, became one of the eye-catchy works in 2017. The artist used corrugated metal for the first time. Enlivened by Neoclassicism and the Italian Renaissance palazzo, Tresoldi has fostered a reflection on the progression of time and the change of issues, from traditional structures to contemporary, through the idea of architecture in ruins. An idea was illustrated with the development of two vaults, one in wire mesh and one in layered sheet metal, a material that he involves interestingly for the first time. There were two separate domes installed with identical shapes but different materials; one was in wire mesh, and the other one was in a corrugated metal sheet. Both personify architectural history with two different sides. The artwork was magical; as Walter Benjamin has stated ‘Aura’, “the unique appearance of a distance”.

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Basilica di Siponto_©Roberto Conte

Basilica di Siponto, an award-winning installation, stands a permanent profile since inaugurated in March 2016. This has been awarded the ‘Gold Medal for Italian Architecture – Special Prize to Commission’, which is considered the most prestigious in Italian architecture. The installation was set up on the site of an early Roman church from the 12th century. The team used hydraulic lifts to move blocks of the pre-made design. The whole construction took five months to complete. A few mesh figures possess the full-scale highlights of Romanesque vaults, arched windows, and columns and are enlightened around evening time by spotlights. He depicted it as “a work that, separating the common controversy of the primacy of the art, sums up two correlative languages into a solitary, stunning landscape”.

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Edoardo Tresoldi Etherea Back to Nature_©Roberto Conte

Etherea, an artwork by Edoardo Tresoldi for the Coachella festival in 2018, in Rome to display at an exhibition “Back to Nature” curated by Costantino d’Orazio. The enormous transparent mesh figure will dialogue with the trees of the Parco dei Daini, in Villa Borghese, til December 13, 2020. The contemporary artform installation, in plain view outside in the green Parco dei Daini, of Villa, was upgraded and revamped for the event. Etherea presents Tresoldi’s most memorable public commitment to Rome, as a matter of fact. A committed space where the sky and clouds are described through the language of classical architecture. Because of the transparent wire mesh, an optical impact made of points of view and layered connections are created by the entry through the three sculptures and estimating scales, which either enhances or diminishes the distance between man and the sky.

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A7179-Life of an Artist Edoardo Tresoldi
Opera_©Roberto Conte

Opera, Edoardo Tresoldi has initiated a permanent establishment on Reggio Calabria on the Italian coast. Authorized by the local Municipality and the Metropolitan City, the public art intervention. The figure was made to praise the pondering connection among places and individuals through the language of classical architecture and the transparency of the Absent Matter. It Consists of a corridor of 46 columns pointing at 8 meters situated in a 2,500-square meter park. Both visitors and locals can access this fully crossable wire-mesh structure. The new milestone planned by Edoardo Tresoldi is set to become one of the biggest European public spaces. Tresoldi’s second establishment in Calabria after Il collezionista di Venti in 2013, and the second significant permanent public work of art in Italy prior to the Basilica of Siponto. The concept is to frame the mental place driving the guests and generate a path of discovery, contrast, and harmony.

Archetipo_©Roberto Conte
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Archetipo_©Roberto Conte

Archetipo, an art piece installed for a royal event in Abu Dhabi. The event was attended by nearly 1,900 visitors from the entire Middle East and took a three-month work of planning and improvement. The 7,000 square meters of scenographic space denotes a stage forward for the Italian artist, who interestingly stands up to himself with the design of an immense indoor space, along with various design firms. Some portion of the artform was reintroduced alone in institutional areas across the UAE capital. Tresoldi and Design Lab Experience imagined a garden where design and nature perform together in Renaissance significance and are separated, retained, and decoded by the contemporary man. The set-up is a musical space where old-style archetypes collaborate with the signs of the modernist language.


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