In today’s fast-paced world where everybody is constantly on the move, there is an increasing requirement for better and safer transportation facilities. This includes planning of the roadways and rail tracks, terminals and parking infrastructure. Walkability is also a growing concern among citizens with the heavy automobile traffic rendering the streets and squares abandoned. 

Transportation, as a topic, can never go out of fashion as there is a constant need for development to keep up with the growing population and needs of the people. Let us look at 20 Thesis topics related to transportation.

1. Airports

Airplanes have practically blurred the borders worldwide, opening up a multitude of opportunities for travel and business expansion. The added comfort and services provided by airports have made them an increasingly popular mode of transport in today’s fast-paced world. Airports are strategic in terms of economy, providing freight and cargo facilities. 

Apart from globalisation, tourism and commerce, airports are integral in case of emergency evacuations, for instance, the 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait or the Vande Bharat flights more recently. 

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Airport Terminal_©
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Retail Shops in Madeira Airport, Portugal _©


2. Railway Stations

From the Delhi Metro and Mumbai Local to the London Tube and the New York City Subway, trains form a crucial part of the public transport scenario in modern times. Train services, be it inter or intrastate, are cheap, convenient and quick, hence preferred by the masses. 

Additionally, the interstate train network is far more widespread than the air network, connecting to the smaller towns and villages with no air connectivity, transporting both goods and people. 

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Delhi Metro Museum at Patel Chowk Metro Station, first in the world to be constructed in an operational metro station_©,f_auto/delhi-metro-museumheader
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Grand Central Terminal, New York, USA _©

3. International Cruise Terminal 

Waterways were the mode of transport before the airplanes for international travel. With the likes of Titanic, cruises were developed into a whole new tourism sector. 

The terminals are integral with respect to the transport of cargo as well as acting as a mixed-use space incorporating commercial and entertainment services amongst others.

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Shanghai International Cruise Terminal _©
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International Cruise Terminal, Tokyo _©

4. Inland Water Transport

A domestic means of transportation, they house ferries to transport people to nearby islands or simply for a joy ride in the sea. For instance, the coracle is a small boat used traditionally in countries like Ireland, Scotland, India, Vietnam, Iraq and Tibet. 

Sometimes, these may also be houseboats like those in Alleppey in Kerala or the shikara in Dal Lake. 

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Ferry to reach Gangasagar Island from Kolkata
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Grand Canal, Venice_©

5. Bus Terminal

The most common mode of transport among the general public are the buses which result in the need for proper infrastructure for bus terminals as well as bus stops. Bus terminals, in particular, require planning in terms of the spaces allotted for the bus parking and ticketing counters to segregate the inter and intra city bus services. 

Considering the popularity of buses as a mode of transport, each bus stop is a significant social hub.  

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Inter State Bus Terminal, Kashmere Gate, Delhi_©
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George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal, USA _©

6. Rickshaw Stands

Developing countries provide local public transport for 2-8 people which may be called by different names like tuk-tuk, pousse-pousse or simply a rickshaw. Rickshaw services may be motor operated, a cycle rickshaw or hand-pulled. Faring along with the motor vehicles, it may be a bit unsafe keeping in mind the lightweight of these rickshaws. 

This mode of transport has no developed infrastructure in place but there is a requirement for rickshaw stands to avoid congestion of traffic. 

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Cycle Rickshaw Tour in Old Delhi_©
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Pousse pousse, the hand pulled rickshaw in Madagascar _©

7. Cycle Stands

Cycling for short distances is an increasingly growing trend among people today, particularly in modern cities, while in smaller towns and villages, cycles are the most common means of transportation. Separate cycling lanes are provided alongside the wide roads for automobiles. However, cyclists require a safer environment and larger spaces. 

Today, a lot of cities offer rental cycles which can be boarded and dropped off at fixed locations. Infrastructure needs to be developed to create more pick up and drop off locations that are easily accessible and at the same time connect to other modes of transport as well.

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Bike lanes in Brooklyn, New York City _©
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Bidirectional Cycleway in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands _©

8. Electric Motor Vehicle Station 

Fuel-based vehicles are at the threshold of being replaced by electric motor vehicles all over the world, thanks to popularisation by the likes of Tesla. An eco-friendly alternative to meet the transportation requirements, EMVs generate an additional need for charging stations that must be widespread and easily accessible. 

Moving a few years ahead in time, this will be the most sought after amenity, requiring suitable infrastructure. 

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Electric rickshaws _©
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Electric vehicle charging station _©

9. Urban Transport Planning 

With an increase in urbanisation, cities today are experiencing a large influx of population. For this, cities need to be planned in a manner that accommodates the facility and transportation requirements of the current population while also leaving some scope for future expansion. 

The rising concerns of the harmful effects of the automobile have resulted in a need to balance the spaces allotted for automobiles and pedestrians while attempting to improve the public transport experience. 

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Urban Transport Planning _©
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Need for Urban Transport Planning_©

10. Transit Oriented Development

Transit-oriented development translates to urban development integrating housing, retail and commercial spaces into a walkable neighbourhood with easily accessible public transport facilities. 

According to the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, “It means inclusive access for all to local and citywide opportunities and resources by the most efficient and healthful combination of mobility modes, at the lowest financial and environmental cost, and with the highest resilience to disruptive events. Inclusive TOD is a necessary foundation for long-term sustainability, equity, shared prosperity, and civil peace in cities.”

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Transit Oriented Development_©
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Proposed Transit Oriented Development for Jharkhand _©
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