The kind of artwork involving digital technology in its creation and distribution can be considered Digital Art primarily distributed through digital mediums. In the early development of the 1970s, experimentation with Computers and Technology drove it to innovation. It is a diverse field that can be seen all around us in the 21st century due to technological advancement as time progresses. It is easier for digital artists and collectors to access it in this technologically advanced age.

Digital Art can be computer generated, such as 3D models, fractals, pixel art, or digitally manipulated, such as photos, drawings, or paintings. It can also be interactive, such as video games, live coding, web art virtual reality, or performative, like music, or projection mapping. It offers a variety of styles, genres, and platforms to a worldwide audience.

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Digital Art_MUTI

Early Adaptations and People Response

In the early development of digital Art, Engineers and mathematicians, aided by Technology and algorithms, were instruments. Later, adoption by artists as a medium for art creation. John Whitney also called the ‘father of computer graphics’ developed the first computer-generated artwork in the early 1960s utilizing mathematical operations. Ivan Sutherland created a computer visual interface known as Sketchpad in 1963.

Art in the 21st century: Digital Art - Sheet1
Gaussian-Quadratic_A.Michael Noll

In 1962, A. Michael Noll programmed an IBM 7090 to create pleasing patterns in which Gaussian-Quadratic(1963) gained the title of the first-ever digital artwork to acquire copyright. During this time, algorithmic art was popular, which was made by algorithms devised by artists. Frieder Nake’s Hommage à Paul Klee 13/9/65 Nr.2 (1965), is a defining work of algorithmic art. The computer-generated female nude, produced by Kenneth C. Knowlton and Leon Harmon of Bell Laboratories, was featured on the front page of the New York Times in 1967.

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Hommage à Paul Klee,  Nr.2, 1965_Frieder Nake

The prominent boost was through the emergence of a program called AARON, an algorithmic painting system by British artist Harold Cohen. Over the years, AARON was capable of colouring and developing figurative images of several objects. People started to question the authenticity of the art, whether is it AARON or Cohen .to which Cohen responded that AARON did the task assigned to him by me, which was drawing and colouring and it has no creative abilities. The work of Cohen was the starting point for AI art, where artificial intelligence was an artistic medium for further studies of human/machine collaboration.

Influence of Technology on Digital Art

The shift caused due to technology changes the way artists create, share and sell their work and also how audiences consume art and engage with it. With the traditional art methods, the artist was hindered by the lack of physical materials and tools and also by the associated cost with it. Digital Art breaks that barrier where anyone can showcase art from anywhere with little cost. This allowed for a more significant number of people to be associated with it. Social media platforms in particular give exposure to the art worldwide.

Previously, the restriction on art by a particular location or country, but with the advent of social media platforms, it is shared globally. This methodology also extends to Traditional Art, which is also being converted digitally through scanning mediums. This allows for easy distribution and the ability to sell online for artists. Online platforms allow artists to share their work and even sell it directly to buyers.

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ZIm Zou Art Work_ZIm & Zou

World Renowned Digital Artists

Beeple (Mike Winkelmann)

Mike Winkelmann is one of the top digital artists in this day and age, his work is categorized as futuristic, bizarre, funny and outwardly pieces. He gained popularity in 2021 when he sold an NFT for $69 Millon after which he collaborated with various brands and even appeared in Daily Talk Shows.

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GMUNK (Bradley Munkowitz)

Bradley Munkowitz also known as GMUNK has worked with top brands like Nike, Uber, HBO and many more. His work is themed around psychedelic visual palettes it is diverse. He works on Short Films, Music Videos, Exhibitions, installations and other forms of media.

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Dolby Art Series_GMUNK

Ofir Shoham

Ofir Shoram is a freelance animator who works editing the dance moves in his version with neon signage overlays. He gains popularity as remixes of the dances done by him grab social media attention and get reposted a lot.

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Clip Edited_Ofir Shoham

Riccardo Federici

Since Riccardo was born, he found himself interested in painting and drawing. For years, he worked as a comic book illustrator while sculpting and oil painting. In the past., he has worked with Comic giants like Marvel and DC.

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Riccardo Federici Art_Riccardo Federici

John Sweeney

He is considered one of the great digital artists and his speciality lies in creating compositions and concepts that evoke misery and desolation. He works as a freelance concept artist for the technology and entertainment industry. He has worked on AAA games titles such as ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Uncharted Series’ and ‘The Last of Us 2’ that is praised for realistic graphics and compelling storytelling through scenes.

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Scene from The Last of Us_John Sweeney

So Lazo

So Lazo is a professional digital artist and also a tattoo artist. Her works compose art with candy hues and pink as the colour palette by creating vivid plots and characters, her illustrations are blurring the border between fantasy and reality.

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So Lazo Art_So Lazo

André Ducci

André Ducci is a digital illustrator and writer from Italy who makes ridiculous artworks based on vintage aesthetics from the 1920s to the 1960s.his nostalgic and emotional plots come to life with the clever usage of the colour palette and shaders and textures.

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André Ducci Art_André Ducci

Alex Heywood

One of the great digital painters of all time is Alex Heywood, who works as a freelance artist creating extraordinary creatures. He has also worked on the production of art for several books.

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Alex Heywood Art_Alex Heywood

Digital Art emerged from technology and it is essentially driven by it. Through technological advancements, it is revolutionalized in unparalleled ways and so are Artists. It has been influenced by technology, which has made it easier to make and disseminate art. Also, allowing the audiences to access the art with ease from the comfort of their Homes. Not to get confused between the arguments of who is the creator, One should grasp the concept of Technology being a mere tool to fill the canvas with an Artist’s imagination and potential.

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