We often hear how bad social media is for future generation, but it also gives voices to undiscovered hidden gems: rising painters, indie musician, traditional arts little known to mainstream media. Global art movements are fueled by the internet, art in the 21st century is not about consuming end products but witnessing the process of how it come into fruition. 

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We often hear about the negative impact of social media on future generations. However, it is essential to recognize that social media platforms also provide a platform for undiscovered hidden gems in the world of art. Rising painters, indie musicians, and practitioners of traditional arts that are little known to mainstream media now have a voice and a platform to showcase their talents. In the 21st century, global art movements are fueled by the internet, and art is no longer solely about consuming the end product; it is about witnessing the captivating process through which it comes into fruition.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what was going on in Van Gogh‘s mind as you stared at “The Starry Night”? Or perhaps you’ve pondered how your favorite artist’s song has the power to touch your heart and make you cry, even though you have never met them? We have encountered countless remarkable works of art from all over the world, but we rarely have the opportunity to witness the creative process that brought them to life. However, in today’s global art movement, artists from all walks of life, ranging from international celebrities to local underground bands, are using social media to share their creative journeys. They are creating reels or short videos that give us a glimpse into their world, revealing how they find inspiration for their songs or how artists, painters, and designers can find beauty in the most mundane and ordinary situations. It is truly fascinating to witness how art can emerge from the seemingly ordinary aspects of life.

Through the power of social media, artists are bridging the gap between themselves and their audience. They are tearing down the walls that once separated the creator from the consumer. We no longer have to wonder about the thoughts and emotions that fuel their creations because they are sharing these intimate glimpses with us. We can see the raw energy, the passion, and the dedication that goes into each stroke of the brush or each note played on an instrument. The creative process is no longer a mystery but a captivating journey that we can embark upon alongside the artists themselves.

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Moreover, social media has given rise to a sense of community and connection within the art world. Artists can engage with their audience in real-time, receiving immediate feedback and support. This interaction not only strengthens the bond between artist and viewer but also provides a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas. The barriers that once separated artists from one another based on geography, language, or culture are now being dismantled. Artists from different corners of the world can come together, learn from each other, and create something truly unique and groundbreaking. The global art movement is no longer confined to specific regions or communities; it is a collaborative and inclusive space where creativity knows no bounds.

Furthermore, the accessibility of social media allows art to reach a wider and more diverse audience than ever before. Traditional art forms that were once overlooked or underrepresented in mainstream media now have the opportunity to shine. Indigenous crafts, folk art, and cultural traditions that were on the brink of fading away are now being revitalized and celebrated on a global stage. Through social media, artists can educate, inspire, and create awareness about their cultural heritage, fostering a sense of pride and preservation. Art in the making, live in action, is not only captivating but also has the power to inspire and ignite the creative spirit within all of us. Witnessing the creative process through social media gives us a newfound appreciation for the immense talent and dedication that artists possess. It reminds us that art is not solely about the final product but about the journey, the struggle, and the triumph that comes with bringing a vision to life.

So, the next time you stumble upon an artist’s Instagram reel, take a moment to immerse yourself in their world. Let their process unfold before your eyes and experience the magic as it happens. Engage with the artist, share your thoughts, and become a part of their creative journey. Because in the age of social media, art is no longer confined to galleries or concert halls; it is happening right in front of us, and we have the incredible opportunity to be a part of it.

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In conclusion, social media has become a catalyst for the global art movement, allowing artists to share their creative processes and connect with audiences like never before. It has created a sense of community, collaboration, and accessibility that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. Through social media, art has become a living, breathing entity that unfolds before our eyes, enriching our lives and inspiring us to embrace our own creative endeavors. So let us celebrate the power of art in the making, live in action, and embrace the incredible journey that it takes us on.


Miellyttävä Kuu is an aspiring architect with a formal education background of interior design. She lives in a magical place with hundreds of island, beautiful blue vast ocean and tropical rainforest, that is why she loves green architecture and biophilic design, she was born in it.