When one thinks of Fiji, it is the lush greenery and the exquisite ‘bluescapes’ that come to mind. An admired travel destination for most nature lovers looking for a flawless tropical vacation, Fiji provides a tough competition to the adjacent tourist islands, most notably, the state of Hawaii.

Places to visit in Fiji
Image showing a beautiful view on the coastline of Fiji

Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean and is a part of the continent of Oceania. It is a commonwealth nation, most famous for its heavenly beaches and exotic landscapes. The country has about 300 islands and gets about half a million tourists every year.

Let us ride the waves of Fiji’s architectural marvels and learn about the top fifteen places architects must visit in Fiji-

1. Naidi Community Hall

To the Fijians, a community centre is the heart of a village’s cultural and operational working. The idea of community is deep-seated in their culture. The project was a brainchild of the CAUKIN studio. The Naqaqa Giving Foundation, a local NGO, approached the studio with a proposal for a new community hall as the old one became unsuitable for use.

Places to visit in Fiji-Naidi Community Hall -1
Image showing a view of the Naidi Community Centre; Source: www.dezeen.com

Located in Vanua Levu, one of the largest islands of Fiji, it serves as much as 400 villagers and 75 households. This hall is mainly used to host community-related events like weddings, birthday parties, funerals and much more. The village is a place prone to natural disasters and hence, along with being a space for the Naidi Community to creatively express themselves, the place also acts as a shelter during disasters.

Places to visit in Fiji-Naidi Community Hall -2
During the construction of the Community Hall; Source: www.squarespace-cdn.com

The project construction was completed over eight weeks. Local workers and 20 other participants from architecture schools and firms came together and joined hands in realizing this project.

Performance near the Centre; Source: www.squarespace-cdn.com

2. The Historic Port town of Levuka

This town which lies along the beachfront was the first colonial capital of Fiji that later ceded to the British in 1874. From the early nineteenth century onwards, the town developed as a centre of commercial, religious, educational and religious activities, with added European and American influence.

Places to visit in Fiji-Historic Part Townof Levuka -1
Masonic Lodge in Levuka; Source: www.thefamilywithoutborders.com
Places to visit in Fiji-Historic Part Townof Levuka -2
Image showing the welcome sign to Levuka; Source: www.lashworldtour.com
Places to visit in Fiji-Historic Part Townof Levuka -3
The commercial stretch on the beachfront

3. Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji

This couples-only luxury escape is located on Malolo Island in the Mamanuca group of islands. The resort is built following the traditional architecture of a Fijian Canoe house, boasting Fiji’s vernacular architecture. Resort bears witness to hand-woven thatch, beautiful ceilings and natural materials that blend with modern elements. The resort rightly mixes the modern lifestyle needs with the precedent ancient culture of Fiji.

Places to visit in Fiji-Likuliku Lagoon Resort -1
Image showing a view of the Resort; Source: www.tumblr.com
Places to visit in Fiji-Likuliku Lagoon Resort -2
Image showing the Fijian Canoe house features; Source: www.likulikulagoon.com

4. Naihehe caves of Sigatoka

The Naihehe Caves of Sigatoka was used by the ‘Sautabu’ people during Fiji’s tribal warfare days, where they could easily retreat to and hide from their enemies. The features of the cave allowed for this sense of security as it acted as a natural fortress, refusing attackers to enter in groups, thus, it protected their clan for over centuries. Naihehe in English means ‘a place to get lost’ evident from the fact that it is the largest cave system in Fiji. One would gain access to the caves by seeking permission of the Bete (priest), the traditional protector of the cave.

Places to visit in Fiji-Naihehe Caves of Sigatoka -1
Image showing the entry to the Caves; Source: www.tacdn.com

5. Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Nadi

Hindus form a significant part of the Fijian demographics and culture alike. The Siva Subramaniya Temple is one of the largest Hindu temples in Fiji. This temple is highly significant because it is the only place outside India where the Dravidian style of Temple Architecture can be seen. The temple’s vibrant exterior is still a work in progress. It is visited by worshippers all over the globe.

Places to visit in Fiji-SriSiva Subramaniya Temple -1
Image showing the main axis of the Temple; Source: www.ttnotes.com
Places to visit in Fiji-SriSiva Subramaniya Temple -2
Image showing the vibrant Shikhara and Gopurams; Source: www.travelonline.com
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