Design exhibitions have a history that dates way back to the times when there was no social media marketing or even company websites. The first-ever design exhibition, ‘World Fair’ was organized in Hyde Park, London in 1851. ‘The Crystal Palace’ was specially designed as a trade center that attracted manufacturers from all around Europe. It was the first-ever gathering where mass-produced goods were showcased and sold. And this marked the onset of industrialization in the design industry.

In earlier days, these exhibitions were the only way to globalize and sell designed products. It became a common point for traders around the world to gather and exchange goods and ideas. Till today, these design exhibitions are organized in every part of the world, sometimes also to honor the great artists that have existed and blessed the industry. These fairs are a great way to understand the current design trends, network with potential consumers or business collaborators, acknowledge the technology in this field, and a myriad of other reasons. And being an architect, it is a lifetime opportunity to witness a few best design fairs around the world. So, here is a list of the 7 best exhibitions that you should visit at least once in a lifetime.

1. Milan Furniture Fair

Also known as ‘Salone Del Mobile’, is the biggest Design Fair in the world. Every year during the month of April, Milan organizes the largest furniture expo which attracts almost 13,000 brands from all around the world. In 2019, Salone del Mobile in Rho was visited by more than 5 lakh people from 188 countries. Started in 1961, this fair was initially organized for Italian furniture makers to market their designs. Now, every odd year, Euroluce is organized which specializes in Lighting Design along with SaloneUfficio and Salone Satellite divisions.

The entire city of Milan is decked up with pop up booths of design exhibitions from different brands and designers. It is truly an experience that will inspire the designer within you.


2. London Design Festival

London has always been one foot ahead when it comes to art and design. To celebrate the designers, innovators, and the city’s creativity London organizes a design week during the month of September. The design exhibition stands cover up all of the city and attract thousands of tourists. Every year, London design medals are given to the most outstanding artists and the design events are absolutely worth attending! So next time when you are planning a trip to London make sure you attend this festival.

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3. Design Exhibition – ‘NYC X Design’

New York City celebrates its design and diversified designers every year through this design festival. It is held across 5 hotspots in the city and attracts millions of people around the world. The fair also hosts a number of free events each year, so do not miss this exorbitant exhibition in the NY style!


4. Maison et Objet

It is the largest French exhibition for interior design. It is one of the three most important European design fairs held bi-annually in their showroom in Paris. It is a collection of innovative décor, design, and luxury.


5. Design Exhibition – ‘Design Miami’

Design Miami has organized Miami in the month of December every year. They attract loads of designers, critiques, and artists. Along with the design exhibition various other talk shows, presentations and conferences are held and two very famous awards are given out: The Design Visionary Award and Designers of the Future Award. Some of the past winners are Zaha Hadid, Marcelo Coelho, Beta Tank Studio, and so on.


6. Design Exhibition – ‘Dubai Design Week’

Dubai Design Week is a design exhibition organized in Dubai Design District during November every year and it is the largest creative exhibition in the Middle East. The six-day event showcases events, talk shows, interactive exhibitions out of which around 250 have free entry. Dubai is the cultural capital of Asia and with its already existing architectural marvels, it has definitely become a must-visit place!


7. Design Exhibition – ‘Dutch Design Week

Eindhoven, Netherlands hosts a design exhibition ‘Dutch Design Week’ during October every year for the last 12 years. Eindhoven being a nest to some of the major design universities flourish a lot of young talent and enthusiastic crowd hence the event was started as a non-commercial exhibition but increased fame exponentially and now attracts over 4 lakh people. Hosting companies like Phillipe and DAF has made this exhibition one of the best in the world!



Divya Gupta is a creative curator with a comprehensive nerve. She believes in creating spaces that has a vibe and a life! Her mystique passion for design makes her quirky and misty.