The interior design of any space is a reflection of the values of its users. Since the most time spent by a user is indoors, it has always been essential that the interior of these spaces are aesthetically pleasing and user-centric. Interior design projects of firms and architects like Koichi Takada Architects, Vladimir Radutny Architects, Matrix design, etc have been awarded for creating some of the best designed interior projects across the world in the past year.

Here is our selection of the best interior design projects of 2019:

1. Bad Lab Beer Co.

Location- New Hampshire
Architect- Studio Richard Lindvall
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Interior- Bars, Restaurants

The bad lab beer co. is an industrial minimalistic brewpub in the heart of New Hampshire. The already existing industrial building came with elements like concrete flooring, a black industrial ceiling, and windows with black steel frames. The design was built around the original details only adding a few materials to accentuate and compliment the simple and industrial feeling of the space.

2. Bar Lotus

Location- Shanghai
Architect- Office AIO
Award- Dezeen Awards 2019
Category- Interior- Restaurant, and Bar

Bar Lotus, a cocktail bar designed by Office AIO features emerald green walls and rippling rose gold ceilings. A muted color palette for the cafe interior was chosen to complement the concrete exterior of the building. Sliding mirror walls covering the arched entrance act as invisible divisions, reflecting the scenes in the central corridor.

White perforated steel panels line the interior of the central hallway, giving the space a “sense of enclosure” while still allowing some of the sounds, lights, and smells from each adjoining room to pass through.

3. Euphoria Spa In The Euphoria Retreat

Location- Greece
Architect- DecaArchitecture
Award- Dezeen Awards 2019
Category- Interior- Leisure and Wellness

The Euphoria spa by DecaArchitecture is an unusual and interesting concept with a design that provides a spiritual experience. It is carved into the base of a mountain between a forest and a world heritage site. It features a series of arched spaces where elliptical geometries of different scales intertwine connected by catacomb-like corridors.

4. Flow Wall–Turkish Airlines Lounges, Istanbul

Location- Istanbul
Architect- Softroom
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Transport Hub

The lounge at the Istanbul Airport embodies the Turkish airline’s new philosophy of “flow” within the airport environment. The “Flow Wall” forms a seamless passenger journey by acting as a feature that weaves the spaces of the lounges together. The project includes one of the longest parametric interior forms in the world with its length over one kilometer. Inspired by the Turkish capital, this light-filled interior space feels more like an open-air courtyard than a normal passenger enclosure.

5. Grand Joy Ruifu

Location- China
Architect- Xiang Meng
Award- RTF Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Category- Interior – Residential (built)

GRAND JOY RUIFU, designed by means of modern artistic techniques, symbolized the local civilization and spiritual vision inherited by Chengdu for thousands of years with concrete representation, integrated the depth of humanity and the boundless boundary of art, and evoked a new aesthetic era.

The simplicity of furniture modeling and the elegance of green glaze shows the artistic tension of contemporary aesthetics, and space is more and more profound.

The design pays special attention to the penetration of light and shadow in the inner and outer space, including the guidance of light and the blessing of wind.

6. Greentown Collection – Xiao Feng Yinyu

Location- China
Architect- Xiang Meng
Award- Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Category- Interior – Commercial (built)

In the design of Greentown Collection, the designers streamline the rhythm and wood elements as a clue through the interior, combined with refined and luxurious materials and elegant soft outfit, perfect interpretation of the low-key luxury atmosphere.

7. Gusto

Location- USA
Architect- Gensler
Award- Dezeen Awards 2019
Category- Interior- workspace

Shortlisted for a large workspace project, Gusto has transformed an industrial building that earlier served as a huge machine shop for submarines. It is a space that allows its users to experience both privacy and a communal way of working.

Along the center, the full height space opening up to a metal trussed roof serves the purpose of a massive lounge for informal meetings and casual working.

8. Hangzhou Lvcheng Helu Life House

Location- Hangzhou
Architect- Matrix Design
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Cultural

This project describes the users, the life of the citizens in this city, through senses of sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste. Sound and light, sound and people, and sound and art are the highlights of this design. Natural lighting and artificial light are skillfully used in this project to create a perfect experience of the natural scenery and culture.

9. John Anthony

Location- China
Architect- Linehouse
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Interior- Bars, Restaurants

John Anthony is a contemporary dim sum restaurant located in Hong Kong. The design of the restaurant was inspired by the historical figure, John Anthony, who was the first Chinese man to be naturalized as a British citizen in 1805. Exploring the fusion of architectural styles and materiality between east and west and colonial architecture blurred with eastern detailing, to create a British tea hall turned Chinese canteen.

10. Lab Boutique Hotel

Location- Greece
Architect- Zoi Antoniadi
Award- RTF Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Category- Interior – Commercial (Concept)

LAB boutique hotel, borrowed its inspiration from Greek antiquity and the design of the Minoan palaces, as well as mythology, by implementing elements that are reminiscent of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth.

The geometry of Labyrinth was employed in order to enhance the visitor’s journey, while coming into contact with the various materials, seeing reflections of themselves and leading to a process of soul-searching and introspection and aiming to inspire memories.

11. Le Cube

Location- Amsterdam
Architect- Mana & Scalaplus
Award- Dezeen Awards 2019
Category- Interior- Retail

In an exhibition featuring a curation of L.A. fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, it is a centerpiece designed to serve both purpose of a stage and a sculpture. Designed with internal lighting and sound, it features live skating performances within its elevated full pipe. When not activated, it reflects the architecture and atmosphere of the historic Le Bon Marché. It is a non-commercial project in a retail environment that addresses all ages.

12. LocHal Library

Location- Netherlands
Architect- Mecanoo
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Learning

Located in the Dutch city’s station district, the LocHal library is named after the huge locomotive building in which it is housed. This large former train repair shed made of steel and glass was turned into a monument in order to save it from demolition. The plan was developed in order to respect and protect the building, retaining much of the steel structure with its tall glass windows and towering riveted columns.

13. Michigan Loft

Location- Chicago, USA
Architect- Vladimir Radutny Architects
Award- Dezeen Awards 2019
Category- Interior- Apartment

Spacious home with an exposed concrete structure, which was previously a poorly functioning domestic space now features a vast living area with expansive ceilings throughout.

The original structural details such as the concrete ceiling and pillars were kept during the overhaul and an elevated wooden platform on the main level features in a portion of the living room, in the bedroom, and in the kitchen.

14. The National Museum of Qatar- Gift Shop

Location- Qatar
Architect- Koichi Takada Architects
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Shops

The design of this interior design project by Koichi Takada Architects in the National Museum of Qatar is a Narrative of Qatari history. The gift shop interiors are characterized by soaring wooden walls that create a series of cavernous enclosures from stacked wooden profiles. Each interior space offers a fragment of Qatari history that provides an experience for the visitors to immerse in Qatar’s cultural heritage.

15. Private Office In Chicago

Location- Italy, Chicago
Architect- Alvisi Kirimoto
Award- RTF Global Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Category- Interior – Corporate (built)

Suspended between the clouds but firmly rooted in their surroundings, this project introduces an uncommon workplace where business meets art.

The interiors feature floor-to-ceiling natural wood walls, glass partitions, and suspended panels, which outline the different work areas.

Great flexibility and transparency of the elements allow visitors to enjoy breathtaking views even in the most private areas.

16. Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre

Location- Xi’an, China
Architect- The Oval Partnership
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Cultural

Recipient of the Gold winner, Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre is a state of the art venue that can host a diverse palette of cultural events. It is where creativity and the collective identity of people in Xi’an can be nurtured and celebrated. The design responds to the local context, with elements and materials that evoke a modern re-interpretation of Chinese architectural repertoires and traditions in the Xi’an region.

17. Sweets Hotel

Location- Amsterdam
Architect- Space and Matter
Award- Dezeen Awards 2019
Category- Interior- Hotel

Sweets hotel was not originally designed to accommodate people but to provide a working space for Amsterdam‘s bridge keepers. It is a city-wide hotel of fully equipped rooms with a mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings, combining modern initiatives with industrial heritage.

18. Tiny Holiday Home

Location- Vinkeveen
Architect- i29 Interior Architects
Award- Dezeen Awards 2019
Category- Interior- House

A compact black house, built to stand out like a minimalist sculpture. This interior design project designed with an aim to create a space with a strong identity, setting it apart from its surroundings, each block is orientated in order to maximize solar gains and views through large doors and windows. The interiors of the Holiday Home are kept simple, with white walls, custom made furniture, and built-in cabinets made with natural and stained oak, which contribute to the monochrome and minimal aesthetic.

19. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium General Concourse

Location- New Hampshire
Architect- Jump studios
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Interior- Bars, Restaurants

Jump Studios and Populous have designed a variety of ‘multi-experience’ interior design projects within the stadium, taking inspiration from the club’s rich heritage and long history in Tottenham and bringing life and character into the general concourse. The designs draw inspiration from the best elements of the modern premium hospitality landscape, combining these with the industrious materiality of traditional English pubs to create a series of authentic bar experiences that rival the very best high street offering.

20. Wuhan Panlong Plaza Yin Xing Cinema

Location- Honk Kong
Architect- One Plus Partnership Ltd.
Award- 2019 WIN Awards
Category- Recreational and Entertainment

The Wuhan Panlong Plaza Yinxing Cinema, designed by One Plus Partnership Ltd., applies the theory of projection as a theme, subtracting projections from the overall volume and creating an irregular and tilted structure. Every surface is in a grey-scale color palette chosen for its calming effect. The use of Acoustic panels on the walls with lighting in between creates an illusion of 3-D space.


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