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Participant  Name: Fan  Yang

University: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Country : Taiwan

Transparency of Spatial-temporal Housing

The site provides the buildings with characteristic of closeness, and the design intent to bring in “transparency” element to turn the existing building into a new living housing. The new housing will meet all the students’ living requirements and the buildings will also be remarked as cultural and educational buildings.

In his essay “Transparency”, Coline Rowe creates two definitions for the term “transparency”: Literal & Phenomenal Transparency. The former describes general idea of physical transparency, whereas the latter describes recognitive transparency which results from contemplation. Phenomenal transparency emphasizes features such as space-time, simultaneity, interpenetration, superimposition and ambivalence. Gyorgy Kepes, who suggests in his essay, “Language of Vision:…interpenetration without optical destruction”, that phenomenal transparency may interpenetrate without optical destruction.

The design utilizes the characteristic of transparent on the design element, building, and the flexible circulation and visual penetration will allow both internal and external spaces to be penetrated and interacted, also, the existing common walls have been transformed to transparent partition to create more open-space also break the limitation of the existing building condition. The interlace spaces between Void Spaces and Solid Spaces defined the different function of each space and the effect of overlapped spaces provide a great visual layering to the spaces, also for people who walkthrough the spaces might imagine the initial appearance of the building. Moreover, the natural light is introduced, via the Void Spaces, in to the interior spaces, that the variations of shade on the wall also represent those overlapping memories of today and the past.

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