Green Lounge – Architects in Pune

Established in 2010 as Green Lounge, this design firm originally operated under the personal names of its founders, Srushti and Mahesh Chitnis, beginning in 1998. With over two decades of experience, Green Lounge has evolved into a beacon of sustainable architectural and design solutions.

Evolution and Vision

Green Lounge embodies a vision centered on innovative design principles merged with an unwavering environmental ethos. Initially focusing on architecture and interiors, the firm’s evolution is driven by an inherent commitment to expanding its offerings. Presently, it encompasses diverse services including landscape design and environmental planning, with a future trajectory aimed at graphic design, internet media, and beyond.

Portfolio Diversity

The firm’s portfolio spans an array of projects including residential dwellings, housing schemes, corporate workspaces, and commercial centers. Each project, irrespective of its scale or purpose, reflects the core values of Green Lounge—environmental sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Approach and Design Philosophy

Evolving from Experience

With an enriching 26-year tenure in design and planning across India and the United States, Mahesh Chitnis, as the Design Principal, injects a wealth of experience into Green Lounge’s endeavors. His leadership is instrumental in shaping the firm’s design philosophy—a blend of expertise, agility, and precision.

Environmental Ethos

At the heart of Green Lounge’s ethos lies a commitment to environmental responsibility. The firm’s approach hinges on leveraging design ingenuity to merge sustainable practices seamlessly into each project. From material selection to energy efficiency, every aspect is meticulously planned to minimize environmental impact.

Design Excellence

Green Lounge is synonymous with meticulous attention to detail, functionality, and a holistic design approach. The design team approaches each project as an opportunity to curate spaces that transcend mere structures, focusing on enhancing lives and environmental integration.

Client-Centric Solutions

Innovative Value Addition

The firm perceives every project as a unique challenge, an opportunity to craft solutions that exceed client expectations. By blending creativity with functionality, Green Lounge strives to deliver solutions that not only address specific requirements but also inspire and captivate.

Collaborative Design

The essence of Green Lounge’s success lies in collaboration—working hand-in-hand with clients to understand their vision, needs, and preferences. This collaborative approach ensures that each project is an expression of the client’s aspirations, while also embodying the firm’s design excellence.

Future Aspirations

Green Lounge’s journey of innovation and sustainability continues with an eye on the future. The firm remains committed to pushing the boundaries of design while maintaining an unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility.



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