Conarch Architects – Architects in Delhi

Founded in 1988 by the visionary Ar. S.K. Goel, Conarch Architects emerged from a shared passion for architectural innovation. Established by recent architectural graduates in Delhi, the firm’s foundation thrived on mutual respect, a shared vision, and a relentless pursuit of architectural excellence. Despite initial financial constraints, the founding members’ dedication and unyielding commitment laid the cornerstone of the firm’s identity.

Evolution and Ethos: Nurturing Architectural Evolution

From its humble beginnings with a team of two to a robust workforce of over 20 skilled professionals, Conarch Architects has traversed a commendable journey. The deliberate choice to remain a compact practice echoes the founders’ intent to maintain hands-on involvement in every project, fostering a personalized approach and ensuring the realization of each project’s true potential.

Design Philosophy: Where Creativity Meets Functionality

Crafting Human-Centric Spaces

Conarch Architects endeavors to translate the needs, aspirations, and essence of occupants into tangible spatial experiences. The firm’s portfolio mirrors a relentless pursuit of enhancing human interactions within spaces, persistently refining design solutions, and surpassing past achievements. Each project is embraced as a unique canvas, embracing diverse client desires and contextual considerations to create bespoke architectural solutions.

Integrated Approach: Blurring Boundaries Between Architecture and Interiors

The firm’s design ethos blurs the demarcation between architecture and interiors. At Conarch Architects, the holistic creation of spaces encompasses an inclusive and seamless approach, ensuring a symbiotic relationship between architectural form and interior functionality.

Collaborative Culture: Fostering Innovation and Unity

Non-Hierarchical Synergy

Within Conarch Architects, a collaborative spirit flourishes within a non-hierarchical studio setup. Project teams operate within an environment that nurtures collaboration, where creative endeavors and problem-solving thrive, irrespective of individual backgrounds or seniority. The leadership’s hands-on approach sets the tone, fostering an energetic and adaptable workspace.

Architectural Visionary: Ar. S.K. Goel

The Architectural Maestro

Ar. S.K. Goel, an alumnus of the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, brings a scientific perspective to architectural innovation. His proficiency in integrating unique design solutions tailored to clients’ individualistic needs stems from a blend of scientific precision and artistic innovation. His dynamic problem-solving abilities, rooted in a scientific and graphical approach, enable diverse viewpoints to converge, streamlining the design process.




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