Babbar & Babbar Architects – Architects in Delhi

Established under the visionary leadership of Baldev Babbar, Babbar & Babbar Architects is driven by a resolute belief in the need for diverse, innovative solutions in architectural and urban design. Their philosophy goes beyond conventional methods, embracing action-oriented design processes that carefully weigh different approaches, costs, client objectives, and environmental impacts.

Eco-Conscious Urban Development

The studio champions urban development in sync with human needs while preserving precious resources. This ethos embodies energy conservation, heritage preservation, and resource management. It’s about meticulous scrutiny and thoughtful consideration, ensuring that every project aligns with ecological sustainability.

Expertise Across Disciplines

Babbar & Babbar Architects pride themselves on their diverse team, comprising experts from various technical backgrounds. Partners and senior members bring a wealth of interdisciplinary experiences to the table. Each project is directly overseen by a partner, ensuring a hands-on, specialized approach from inception to completion.

Collaborative Excellence and Global Footprint

With a remarkable 40-year legacy, the firm has left an indelible mark on projects across India and abroad. Based in New Delhi, their collaborative approach involves local associates and site offices, leveraging a global perspective while maintaining a strong local presence.

Baldev Babbar: A Visionary Architect

Baldev Babbar, the founding force behind the studio, boasts an illustrious educational background and over four decades of hands-on experience in architecture and planning. His expertise extends across borders, having made significant contributions in England and subsequently bringing his vast experience to the architectural landscape of India.


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