Spiral Garden is a residential project dedicated to a family of four, residing on the slope of Awaji Island, Japan. The design studies temperate nature of the Island, as well as the family’s distinctive, nature-conscious approach to all aspects of life.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
Third Award | Category: Housing (Upto 5 Floors) (Built)

Project Architect : RYUICHI ASHIZAWA
Structure Engineer : Takuo Nagai
Construction : Amamatu construction company
Country: Japan

In response to its context, the house employs local timber construction. It has a unique form, consisting of a continuous spiral that rises towards the central space.

We think, the structure although is a unique form to succeed with traditional structure. The structure outline draw spiral line and beams which are radially bridged from the center cylinder pillar. This form is special, hence every joints connections are crafted by carpenter manually.

The inner and outer walls finishing is as same as traditional Japanese houses, made by soil from Awaji Island. Under this finishing we also used the woven bamboo lattice. The floor uses a technique called “Tataki”. It is a hard-packed earthen floor comprising of earth, lime and water that is beaten until solidification and is extremely resistant to high foot traffic.

The roof is a spiral garden where growers raise their spirals while the ecology continues from the ground. Since the shape is spiral, various directions and height can be obtained, so that various plants can be planted according to the sunshine and humidity.

In addition, the water that falls down on the roof gradually descends without sweeping down by the planned swirl, and is led to the reservoir while moistening everything. The water in the irrigation pond delivers cold air into the houses in the summer. Using trees and soil, we decided to create a place of living where we can always feel the assets of light, wind, water and greenary.

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