This house is located in a quiet residential area in Akashi city, consisting of single story with three courtyards The structure is divided into 3 areas, and each area has a small courtyard. One is in up front designed for a garden farm, with a Japanese-style room where family members can use freely, and the middle one is a garden for viewing, with a semi-shared living dining room, and the third one at the back of the house, has a private space and a laundry place.

Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2018
Second Award | Category: Housing (Upto 5 Floors) (Built)

Architect: arbol
Basic Design & Execution Management: arbol
Detail Design: arbol + hasuike
Builder: Sasahara Corporation
Gardesn: Oginotoshiya landscape
Coordinate: arbol
Photo: Yasunori Shimomura
Lighting design: parco space systems
Furniture: SITATE Bandai Mfg.
Country: Japan

At the garden farm, a grape tree is planted so as to enjoy its harvest. Plus, this place also can be used for checking a fishing rod for the client who loves fishing. In the middle garden, not only at noon, but at night, the courtyard view can be enjoyed using the outside lighting without the inside lights. The placement of the two windows at the third area is well considered, so that the bottom view of the planting and sky can be seen.

A wood stove is installed at the entrance dirt floor, since the client wish that the children would grow up, hearing the sound of woods burning in winter.

Natural daylighting is softly and gently designed to scatter and shine through the entire house, so that the family members can enjoy the change of seasons with the direction of the sunlight, or its atmosphere.

About surroundings, the house has an enclosed atmosphere, because of caring for privacy, but it has a living warm impression, since a rich greenery exterior walls, and planting that would attract passerby on the street are designed, and a slight light which comes down through the slits set for ventilation would spread at night.

Regarding materials, one of the special features is that various kinds of woods are used for floor, exterior wall, or even for minor parts such as furring strips, joists, and rafter. This was only possible, because the building firm well know how to use woods such as cedar, Japanese cypress, and spruce.

Each professional of furniture, planting, lighting equipment, and interior design made their works with all their hearts, by adjusting the balance of the whole house design image.

Insulating material that doesn’t include volatile chemicals, waterproof sheet of exterior walls with high thermal barrier are selected, as it’s a foundation of a warmer and cooler house, and the interior plastering finish which originates from nature materials, gives a profound atmosphere space. As for equipment, typeⅡventilation system is adopted, and air conditioning outlet is set near the window, therefore it produces a clean air circulation through the back of the house. Even in rainy days, a small courtyard is placed right next to a window frame, so that it has a better ventilation by opening the window.

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