What do you mean by Vintage Interiors?

For any item to be labeled as Vintage, it has to be at least 40 years old. 

So, if you want the interiors of your home to have a vintage look, then anything which was made/ or was in style before 1981 (in context with the year of this article i.e. 2021), when added to the interior will give your home a vintage effect. 


10 Things you need to add for a vintage interiors
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With some alterations, you can now create that old-fashioned look for your home. These additions (from simple to expensive) as maybe your budget, can bring in just the right amount of contrast and play into your space. Earlier there were more organic products and less synthetic and plastic products… just remember this while going for that vintage feel.

1. The Synchronous, Electric clock | Vintage Interiors

The Grandfather clock was built around 1680 and kept time with the motion of the pendulum. It was a huge wall unit which was placed on the floor. The home pendulum clock was then replaced by the less-expensive, synchronous, electric clocks between the 1930s and 1940s, which kept a more accurate time as was synchronized with the oscillation of the electric power grid.  

Adding this clock will enhance the interior of your living room. If placing it in a corner, then do not limit yourself with just the clock, you could also decorate that corner with a side table carved detailing and a rotary dial vintage landline telephone. 

The Synchronous, Electric clock - Sheet1
The Synchronous, Electric Clock ©dcwstore.com
The Synchronous, Electric clock - Sheet2
The Synchronous, Electric Clock ©purepng.com

2. Stained Glass Windows and mirrors

If you are fortunate to have stained glass windows, then all you need to do is give the walls a white or an off-white color. The rays of the sun will do the rest and add beautiful art, and color to the walls.

Stained Glass Windows and mirrors - Sheet1
Stained Glass Window ©thisoldhouse.com
Stained Glass Windows and mirrors - Sheet2
Stained Glass Window ©pouted.com

3. Chandeliers/ Lamps | Vintage Interiors

You can also substitute your modern chandeliers and LEDs with old-fashioned lights in your home. These lights augment the interiors and thus add a lot of panache to the vintage look.

Chandeliers/ Lamps - Sheet1
Chandeliers ©interiordesignparadise.com
Chandeliers/ Lamps - Sheet2
Chandeliers ©homeedit.com

4. Swing (Jhoola)

If you have a spacious house, then instead of placing a jhoola in the veranda or porch, add a wooden jhoola, to your living room décor. Almost all old-fashioned homes in Ahmedabad had one.

Swing (Jhoola) - Sheet1
  Swing (Jhoola) ©houzz.in
Swing (Jhoola) - Sheet2
Swing (Jhoola) ©homedecordesigns.com

5. Metal chest | Vintage Interiors

It is the best type of adaptable furniture pieces which has been handed down to us, from the vintage period. The metal chests are modest boxes, which were used as small warehouses or cabinet boxes in almost all traditional homes. 

They can now be used as an end table or coffee table or side bench.

Metal chest
Metal Chest ©antiquefarmhouse.com

6. Lime wash/ Wall Papers/ Plants/ Paintings

If you are low on budget but still wish for a vintage look then you could lime wash the walls, lime wash gives the walls a natural texture and character. You could also use wallpaper, the vintage wallpapers were a wild mix of verve and style; orange, green, and brown colors with floral and baroque patterns would do the trick. 

Also adding fresh plants to the decor and hanging a painting done by hand will help you, in getting that vintage interior effect.

Lime wash/ Wall Papers/ Plants/ Paintings - Sheet1
Limewash and paintings ©houseandgarden.co.uk
Lime wash/ Wall Papers/ Plants/ Paintings - Sheet2
Wallpaper ©Vogue.com

7. Wooden Furniture

The high-end old-fashioned homes had wooden furniture pieces which had to carve details and some homes had simple yet elegant wooden furniture. 

Depending on your budget, a cozy space can be created indoors by using a simple old wooden table and chairs, bookshelves, and use of wooden picture frames and mirrors, or you could decorate it lavishly with intricately carved wooden Sofa sets, center tables, side tables, and wall units.

Wooden Furniture - Sheet1
Wooden Furniture with Carving – Narra Cleopatra Set ©Pinterest.com
Wooden Furniture - Sheet2
Simple and elegant Wooden furniture©Pinterest.com

8. Wall trimmings, Baseboards, and crown moldings (cornice) | Vintage Interiors

The fascia board running along the lower edge of the roof and the soffits beneath the roof are called the Trim. Conventionally, whether a home has brick, stucco, or stone siding, the trim material is always wood. 

Crown molding is made out of decorative molding installed on top of an interior wall made out of plaster or wood. A baseboard is a narrow wooden board running along the base of an interior wall and is also known as skirting, it serves a cosmetic as well as functional purpose, by covering the joint between the wall surface and the floor and giving your home a beautiful look.

Wall trimmings, Baseboards, and crown moldings (cornice) - Sheet1
Wall trimmings and Baseboards ©myidealhome.us
Wall trimmings, Baseboards, and crown moldings (cornice) Vintage interiors- Sheet2
Baseboards ©woodmississippi.tumblr.com
Vintage interiors - Sheet3
Crown Moulding ©housebeautiful.com

9. Chest of drawers

The chest of drawers came in varied sizes according to the needs of the owner, and now according to its size can be used as a bedside table in the bedroom or a side table or as a unit in the living room. 

These timeless pieces help accessorize your home and give it the classic look.

Vintage interiors- Sheet1
Chest of Drawers ©hgtv.com
Vintage interiors- Sheet2
Cassone ©gardnermuseum.org

10. Rocking Chair | Vintage Interiors

Vintage cannot be complete without having a rocking chair in your home. You can place it in your living room, study room, bedroom, or on your veranda or porch. It is a perfect chair for relaxing.

Vintage interiors - Sheet1
Rocking Chair ©reconnectwithcarmen.com
Vintage interiors  - Sheet2
Rocking Chair ©rnotapaperhouse.com

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