All interior spaces have a different look which is put together through the different elements that it is composed of. The elements that make up a Tuscan style home or residence are what give it the rustic, simple, elegant, countryside and nature-inspired look. 

These houses are usually adorned with crumbling stone walls, stucco exteriors, terracotta roof tiles, tall and narrow windows, and an old-world charm inspired by Europe. The houses give a calming effect while combining modern with classic Italian designs. 

The colour schemes in this style of house are warm, inviting, and gives a very comfortable home feel to the residents. The indoor and outdoor are tied together with old-world mystique and charm. 

The following are examples of a few Tuscan Residences:

1. House 01

The house indicates the olden style of Tuscany with the warm tones and the exterior matches the interior. 

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2. House 02

The house has beautiful ceilings and lots of outdoor spaces which adds more to this Tuscan style residence. The arches, beams, open floor plan, corner fireplace and the unique shape of the kitchen island provide a custom touch and drastically improve the entire look. 

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3. House 03

The Tuscan exterior with a courtyard entry that separates the 2-car garage from the 1-car garage gives this house plan great curb appeal. The French doors which are on the entry porch open the foyer which divides the home into two separate living wings.

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4. House 04

Stucco and stone, the main elements of the Tuscan style residence, have been used to adorn the facade of this home plan. The Mediterranean house has clay roof tiles.

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5. House 05

The house, inspired by Tuscan architecture has various unique elements to differentiate it from its peers. The entrance into the house is circular and takes you to the formal den and dining room. 

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6. House 06

With a clay tile roof, stone, and a lower level that nearly doubles the home’s square footage, the house is a beautiful Tuscan residence. The entry tower welcomes people into a courtyard with a fireplace. An open floor plan and the double-sided fireplace are the only separations between the great room and dining room.

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7. House 07

The home is designed in unique and interesting angles. The entry hall magnificently soars up two-stories with a barrel-vaulted ceiling in the hall that leads back to the main living area. Coffered and beamed ceilings add visual interest in the main areas of the house which has a Tuscan style inspiration. 

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8. House 08

Mixed materials and a sense of height acquainted with a varied roof make up the design of this house facing the Northwest. The plan brings together the living room and half wall wet bar which allows the eye to see for a long distance. 

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9. House 09

Rustic stones, stucco, and tile roof used in this design enhance this Mediterranean home. With vaulted ceilings, a covered entry, etc., the house feels extremely luxurious. 

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10. House 10

The house is accentuated with arches and transoms. There is also a stucco exterior highlighting the high-end Tuscan style home. The entryways covered with arches situated between rooms and two-story ceilings are impressive custom touches.

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