Situated on a prominent site that captures a beautiful view of the Puget Sound, this 6000 sf building is a highly visible landmark in its growing community.

Project Name: Tanner Office Building
Studio Name: Coates Design

Tanner Office Building By Coates Design - Sheet3
©Coates Design

The building’s rectangular form is punctuated by a two-story glass atrium that serves as the entry lobby and vertical circulation space. The surrounding environment is used to the building’s benefit with natural sunlight and air being utilized to create a comfortable and open office space. Additionally, a rain garden holds water until it is absorbed into the soil, helping to create a lively planted area. These nature-utilizing features not only make for a beautiful space, but also reduce utility costs significantly.

Tanner Office Building By Coates Design - Sheet5
©Coates Design

As day turns into night, the mechanically-operated shading louvers are opened and lights are turned, this glass tower becomes a glowing beacon of warm light.

Built to LEED Gold standards, this project not only serves its owners with an open, healthy, and well-lit work environment, it also reduces operating costs significantly with exemplary sustainable design solutions.

Tanner Office Building By Coates Design - Sheet8
©Coates Design


  • Captures views to the Puget Sound
  • Durable and cost-effective construction
  • Open office plan
  • Natural daylighting and ventilation
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping and rain garden

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