The design of the lounge reflects the airline’s aspiration to capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest, offering travelers a haven away from the stress, noise, and bustle of the concourse. Spanning 15,800 square feet, this venue redefines the concept of a lounge, shifting from an exclusive retreat for business travelers to a warm and inclusive space where all guests can seek solace—whether for relaxation, work, refueling, or connection.

Graham Baba Architects (design architect and interior design)
Charlie Hellstern Interior Design (interior design)
SRG Partnership (architect of record)
Mazzetti (mechanical engineer)
Hensel Phelps (general contractor)
Ricca Design Studios (foodservice consultant)
Stantec (electrical engineer)
Integrated Design Lab, University of Washington (daylighting consultant)
Niteo (lighting design)
Coughlin Porter Lundeen (structural engineer)
Arup (acoustical engineer)
Graypants (entry art wall)
Interior Environments  (custom furniture and built-in fabrication)
Resolute Lighting (lighting fabrication)
Spearhead (entry desk fabrication)
Photography by Andrew Pogue and Ross Eckert and Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Lounge at SeaTac International Airport by Graham Baba Architects  - Sheet2
©Andrew Pogue and Ross Eckert and Alaska Airlines

The entrance journey commences at concourse level, where a generous fifty-foot-wide window signals the lounge’s presence, providing enticing glimpses of its interiors. An oak-wrapped entry guides guests along the corridor to a welcoming threshold, marked by a porous transition with a captivating view of a large central fireplace—an invitation to enter. Concierges welcome guests from a subtly compressed space featuring a sculptural wood desk and an illuminated topographical screen. Once inside, a twenty-foot-tall wall of windows offers panoramic views of runways, downtown Seattle, the Olympic mountain range, and Mt. Rainier.

The lounge is conceptually divided into four zones. “Come In,” an inviting entry, reveals the central fireplace and a porous transition. “Help Yourself,” a laid-back bistro, serves food and drinks from a substantial counter, encouraging conversations with baristas for a taste of Seattle’s coffee culture. The space, accommodating 100 guests, provides flexibility with leather banquettes, movable tables, and fixed counters suitable for families or solo travelers. “Take a Breath” offers a tranquil retreat with subdued lighting, sound-absorbing elements, and custom-designed chaise loungers and tufted fabric banquettes. “Cut Loose” creates a cozy ambiance where guests can unwind and connect at the wood-wrapped bar.

Alaska Airlines Lounge at SeaTac International Airport by Graham Baba Architects  - Sheet8
©Andrew Pogue and Ross Eckert and Alaska Airlines

Connected by semi-transparent wood and metal screens, these spaces seamlessly flow together. Exploration of the lounge reveals surprises and distinct characteristics in each area, with unique furnishings, acoustic features, floor and ceiling materials, and lighting. The lounge caters to groups or individuals, business professionals, families, and everyone in between. Various seating options, overlooking the tarmac, clustering around activities, providing work surfaces, or allowing recline for relaxation, ensure that every guest finds a place that feels like home.

Alaska Airlines Lounge at SeaTac International Airport by Graham Baba Architects  - Sheet9
©Andrew Pogue and Ross Eckert and Alaska Airlines

Local artisans contributed custom elements, such as light fixtures reminiscent of jet engines and recycled cardboard screens at the entrance. By highlighting these local fabricators and artists, Alaska Airlines pays homage to its West Coast heritage, fostering a meaningful connection for guests to the Seattle region and offering travelers a home-away-from-home experience.

Graham Baba Architects design team
Brett Baba
Maureen O’Leary
Francesco Borghesi
Andy Brown
Katie Moeller


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