Foggia is a communication and industrial centre in Southern Italy. It is also called the granary of Italy due to its agricultural produce. The city was once a Greek colony and is home to many public monuments, including cathedrals, courts, stadiums, and a palace. During World War II, the city was heavily bombarded and destroyed by the Allied forces when invading Italy

Re-thinking The Future is a global platform for architecture and design. RTF along with our authors has curated a list of top architecture firms in various cities across the globe. Please note that the names are arranged in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any manner.

Ediltekno Service

Scope of services: Construction, Renovation, Architectural,
Types of Built Projects: Offices, Hotels, Family House, Apartments, Gardens, Terrace, Complex
Locations of Built Projects: Foggia
Style of work: Advanced technological solutions

Ediltekno Service srls has been operating in the construction sector of Foggia and its province for many years. It is directed by the architect Roberto Format who brings to the company a long shipbuilding and design experience acquired in the field


FADD Architects

Scope of services: Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Interior
Types of Built Projects: Offices, Hotels, Bar, Restaurants, Family House, Apartments
Locations of Built Projects: Foggia, Naples Italy, Napoli, Portici
Style of work: Modern Architecture

FADD Architects is an architectural design studio established in 2016 by Marco Acri, Antonio Di Foggia and Fabrizio Fasolino. The design team began to collaborate in 2007, working together on interior design projects and international architecture competitions. 

FADD Architects _©

Scavolini Store Foggia

Scope of services: Interior design
Types of Built Projects: Showroom, Kitchens, Bathroom, Family House
Locations of Built Projects: Foggia
Style of work: Simplicity

Scavolini Store Foggia was born from the passion and over thirty years of experience of Gelsomino Ceramiche. Strengthened by their entrepreneurial history profuse in the Capitanata, the Gelsomino brothers inaugurated the Scavolini Store in the city of Foggia in 2021.

Kitchen _©

Studio Tecnico Arkiproject

Scope of services: Interior design, Furniture Design, Relooking
ypes of Built Projects: Showroom, Apartments, Family House, Offices, Studio, Workshop
Locations of Built Projects: Foggia
Style of work: A Unique and Refined Design

Studio Idea is an architecture / interior / home design studio based in Foggia . It was conceived by Oriana Antenozio and works in the field of interior design , furniture and building renovation.

Interior Design _©

Studio Vega

Scope of services: Geographic Information Systems Territorial and Urban Planning, Architectural designEnvironmental and Landscape Studies
Types of Built Projects: Farms, Pipelines, Road Design, Gardens
Locations of Built Projects: Foggia
Style of work: Interdisciplinary, unitary and at the same time highly specialized approach

The VEGA studio of architect Demaio Antonio was founded in 1994 and deals in particular with issues related to the environment, landscape and territorial planning, ranging from design to environmental assessments.

Architectural design _©


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