Taranto is the third biggest city in South Italy and hosts one of the most important Mediterranean ports. 

Thanks to its strategic position and fertility, its importance dates back to the “Magna Graecia” period. It is situated in Apulia, a region, a historical region for its touristic tradition. A lot of architects focus on interior design, restyling and in general residential buildings, often independent villas. Rich tradition also in the food sector brings attention to the restaurant sector. Hereafter 15 top architecture studios are presented, each with its own style and peculiarities.

Re-thinking The Future is a global platform for architecture and design. RTF along with our authors has curated a list of top architecture firms in various cities across the globe. Please note that the names are arranged in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any manner.

1. adfworkshop 

Scope of services: Interior Design
Types of Built Projects: Restaurant, Bars, Clubs, Residence, Industrial buildings, Hotel, Bed&Breakfast
Locations of Built Projects: Italy
Style of work: Employment of cold light (white, blue or purple) in clubs and bars to create a soft atmosphere, proper of night places. Wooden elements present in the interior of apartments or restaurants, colourful furniture instead for workspaces and offices.
Website: www.adfworkshop.it 

Circa six other projects are in progress. They include not only the interior decoration but also the design of the buildings themselves. 

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet1
Yaching Club _©https://www.adfworkshop.it/httpswwwadfworkshoprealizzazioni#&gid=1&pid=6

2. Arch. Giuseppe Albanese – ARCHITECTS 

Scope of services: Interior Design, garden design
Types of Built Projects: Residential buildings, the exterior of private and independent house
Locations of Built Projects:  Apulia region and Rome.
Style of work: Modern and fancy style for private villas and apartments. Specialization in garden design for private homes: prefabricated swimming pools installation and landscaping to create a relaxing atmosphere.
Website: arch-giuseppe-albanese-architects.business.site 

The studio works on interior design and outdoor projects like garden design, swimming pool installation and relaxing landscapes for residential projects.

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet2
Private villa _©https://arch-giuseppe-albanese-architects.business.site/#testimonials

3. Architetto Rosa Gorgoglione

Scope of services: Interior Design, Furniture Design, Re-styling
Types of Built Projects: Mainly private houses
Locations of Built Projects: Taranto
Style of work: The works, predominantly interior design and interior re-styling, show particular attention to the details: from the furniture to the choice of light and colour of floors and walls, sometimes giving a “new life” to the apartments. Light colours and cold lights are mainly employed.
Website: http://www.rosagorgoglione.it/

The architect participated with four other architects in a competition of ideas promoting the renovation of the former municipal market in the city of Ischia, Italy.

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet3
Casa A&L _©http://www.rosagorgoglione.it/wordpress/?p=483

4. Calabrese Interior Design | Progettazione Interni e Arredamenti

Scope of services: Interior Design, Furniture design
Types of Built Projects: Apartments, Shops, Offices, Accommodation Facilities
Locations of Built Projects: Albania, Tricase, Rome
Style of work: Design of geometrical and edgy pieces of furniture. For the interior design, often black and white surfaces that reflect light, in contraposition with opaque walls.
Website: www.calabreseinteriordesign.com

The furniture produced is both for residential buildings and for retail purposes. It is possible to buy directly from the website some of the pieces.

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet4
Hotel Palace_©www.calabreseinteriordesign.com

5. d-progetti Donati D’Elia associati

Scope of services: Building Design
Types of Built Projects: Public Buildings, as Schools and Sport Infrastructures
Locations of Built Projects: Italy, especially Frosinone, Statte, Brindisi, Grottaglie, Martina Franca, Policoro
Style of work: Mix of material, from smooth and flawless plaster to irregular bricks, and wood surface. The design is always clean and precise with no redundant elements.
Website: www.donati-delia.it

This studio majorly works on public buildings throughout Italy. It specializes in using a mixture of materials and elements. 

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Palestra Scolastica Leonardo da VInci_©www.donati-delia.it

6. Gruppo Cactus – Studio di Architettura

Scope of services: Interior Design and Re-styling,
Types of Built Projects: Private houses, Commercial Activities
Locations of Built Projects: Italy
Style of work: The style is modern and rich in decoration. The use of the light type is adapted according to the function of a place: in living room and working space cold lights are used, for bars and space devoted to relaxing and free time, warm lights are preferred.
Website: www.gruppocactus.com

They are an official partner with IT UP, a soft agency, allowing professional relations with China.

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7. Internorm – project & café

Scope of services: Design of doors and windows and related
Types of Built Projects: Private houses
Locations of Built Projects: Italy, mainly the Apulia region
Style of work: This industry produces high quality doors and windows, in timber, aluminium and PVC.
Website: www.fixa-finestre.it

Internorm is a studio that designs doors, windows and other openings in buildings, particularly for private houses. They use a variety of materials in this process. 

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet7
Finestre Internorm_©www.fixa-finestre.it

8. Iodice Rappresentanze 

Scope of services: Furniture Representation Agency
Types of Built Projects: Interior Design of Private Buildings and Commercial Activities
Locations of Built Projects: Italy, mainly the Apulia region and Vienna
Style of work: Combination of high-quality materials like timber and marble, with attention to detail and project management from a macroscopic to a microscopic level.
Website: www.iodicerappresentanze.it

This agency has existed since 1973, and his staff has formed in some of the most prominent architecture studios of New York, Rome and Vienna.

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet8
Former Naples Bank_©www.gamberorosso.it

9. Kino Workshop

Scope of services: Building Design and Interior Design
Types of Built Projects: Private Houses, Museums, Restaurant, Retail Activities
Locations of Built Projects: Italy
Style of work: External design simple, smooth, in opposition to the rich and eclectic interior. The interplay of different volumes gives dynamism to the projects.
Website: www.kinoworkshop.it   

The studio takes part in different kinds of informative events and conferences, promoted in a specific section of the website.

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet9
Villa con vista mare a San Vito_©https://kinoworkshop.it/category/progetti-recenti/residenziale/

10. Luigi Costantini

Scope of services: Urban Planning, Building Design, Interior Design
Types of Built Projects: Private Houses, Retail Activities, Furniture Design
Locations of Built Projects: Rome and Taranto
Style of work: modern interior design style, preference for lighter colours and white.
Website: www.luigicostantini.it

Luigi Constantini specializes in modern interior designing for residential projects through the cities of Rome and Taranto. 

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet10
Casa F_©http://www.luigicostantini.it/luigicostantini/F.html

11. Massimo Prontera

Scope of services: Interior Design
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Retail Activities, Restaurants, Nightclub
Locations of Built Projects: Rome, Taranto, Bari
Style of work: Clean and essential style, the decorations are never excessive. The use of different materials enriches the design.
Website: www.massimoprontera.it 

The firm uses clear, minimal approach while designing these marvels. Apart from creating beautiful homes for clients, the architect has also collaborated with different news agencies as a journalist. 

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet11
Casa TC_©http://www.massimoprontera.it/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=36:2013-casa-tc-taranto&Itemid=106#!prettyPhoto[gallery495e4e4c0b]/1/

12. Scavolini Store

Scope of services: Furniture Design
Types of Built Projects: Residential
Locations of Built Projects: Italy, USA, China, Malta, Lebanon, France
Style of work: Initially specialized in kitchen furniture, then moved forward to the overall residential unit needs. The style evolves with the taste of its customers. Usually, the colour palette comprehends a few shades but is wisely selected.
Website: taranto.scavolinistore.net  

This company has affirmed itself internationally. It began its activities 60 years ago, gradually evolving from artisanal production to an industrial one.

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet12
Cucina Baltimora_©https://www.scavolini.com/it/Cucine/Baltimora

13. Studio di Progettazione arch. Edgardo Fiore

Scope of services: Urban Planning, Building Design, Architectural Requalification
Types of Built Projects: Requalification of Public Historical Buildings, Private Houses, Public Facilities
Locations of Built Projects: Romania, Italy, Argentina
Style of work: His requalification works always show high respect for the history of the building and surroundings. Still, the projects employ modern materials
Website: www.archilovers.com/edgardo-fiore-186586

Among the projects’ material of the architect, we can find a lot of precisely done hand-sketches and hand-drawings, not a usual feature in nowadays architecture representation.

14. studio francesco marrone

Scope of services: Interior Design, Landscaping
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Workspace
Locations of Built Projects: Italy, the Apulia region
Style of work: Warm, essential and cosy. The use of recovered materials and iconic furniture is the signature style of this architecture studio.
Website: www.francescomarrone.it 

Each project is unique, thanks to an accurate study of the location and the customer’s needs.

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet14
Villa GG ©https://www.francescomarrone.it/copia-di-casamf?lightbox=dataItem-kkbfdd6a1

15. Studio Flat

Scope of services: Interior Design, Building Design, Furniture Design
Types of Built Projects: Residential Building, Commercial Buildings
Locations of Built Projects: Taranto
Style of work: Eclectic style, eye-catching decorations for walls and floors in the residential projects. Use of bright and pastel colours.
Website: studioflat.it 

This studio specialises in interior design and furniture design for residential and commercial projects. The design generally uses eclectic style and pastel colours. 

Top Architects in Taranto - Top 15 Architects in Taranto - Sheet15
Casa L_©https://studioflat.it/portfolio/casa-l/


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Francesca Colombo is a Master Architecture student in Italy. She considers architecture as a tool to face social problems and create better cities, accepting and celebrating people’s diversity. She dreams of living and working in a European capital.