Space management is essential for busy interior designers who want to manage ongoing projects adequately and showcase their expertise. Whether running your business from a small office or home, a storage unit provides additional space, making your limited working business premise more flexible.

While you want to satisfy your clients, it’s challenging to put a smile on their faces when new interior design accessories are cluttering their personal space, depriving you of the necessary wiggle room to work on your design. Among other benefits of storage units, the solution can eliminate the hurdles, helping you deliver excellent projects.

1. Free Up Limited Office Space

Storage units provide safe places to store different clients’ purchases as you wait to execute a project. The process of ordering and acquiring all the items necessary for a successful home or office makeover can take several weeks.

Therefore, a storage unit offers an ideal space to keep all the items without using your limited working area. Typically, storage space comes in handy for interior designers working from home or offices with space limitations.

2. Accept Deliveries In Your Absence

The hassles of collecting deliveries can be overwhelming, especially when you have a tight schedule. Most storage units accept your deliveries, helping you focus on important client projects.

Knowing there’s a reliable service to handle your deliveries can give you peace of mind and allow you to review the items when necessary. This means you can receive deliveries without squeezing your schedule to accommodate the commitment.

In addition, you can eliminate the hassles of planning and handling moving logistics for client items during different project phases. Most storage space providers collaborate with reliable moving companies to handle moving logistics and help you focus on delivering a spectacular project to your clients. Besides, you can get the additional service at no extra cost.

3. Improve Your Customer Service Delivery

Outstanding customer service is critical for any business, and interior designers are no exception. Storage services enhance your propensity to deliver better customer service and grow your business. Most clients appreciate periodic access to their valuable items or have the liberty to control access when a project is in progress.

Most storage facilities allow your clients to rent additional space for particular items and get controlled access to units where you are keeping their purchases. Almost every client is willing to pay for personal storage space since it gives them peace of mind and assurance.

4. Get a Commercial Business Address

Renting a storage space affords home-based interior designers the luxury of having a reliable business address. Similarly, a business address within the vicinity of a project area makes it easy to handle projects based away from your primary office. Besides handling inventory deliveries on your behalf, the units store and track your items. Moreover, most storage service providers have flexible pricing for different items.

A business address is essential when leveraging business shipping for locally-unavailable items. Also, it helps you appear professional when discussing projects with new clients.

5. Safe and Smart Solution For Your Items

Modern storage facilities have security cameras, gated access, and security guards manning the storage units to enhance safety. The staff picks up your deliveries and keeps them in your storage unit or holds them at the reception for further processing. This means no item is left unattended to avoid theft or damage. The robust luggage handling system ensures seamless monitoring, and anyone accessing the storage units can be tracked.

Climate control is critical when storing delicate items like fabric, furniture, and other interior design accessories. Most modern facilities maintain temperatures at 25 degrees and regulate the humidity to protect your items from any damage related to fluctuating weather elements. Typically, mold and mildew can damage most wooden items and fabrics. Also, protection from draught keeps the items free of dirt, dust, and destructive pests or insects.


Interior designers can leverage the numerous benefits of storage units, including ensuring safe storage, freeing available office space, providing a reliable business address, eliminating package delivery hassles, and helping your business focus on better customer service. This means you can use your office as a dedicated working space or meet with clients. Moreover, your clients can rent personal units to keep their valuables until you complete their project.


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