As a brand at the forefront of the industry, pride is taken in crafting machines that not only meet but redefine standards. The Series-B Jet Car Boat stands as a testament to the commitment, firmly establishing its place as the best water jet car available in the United States.

Unbridled Power Beneath the Waves

Every ripple and splash created by the Series-B is powered by an engine designed for aquatic supremacy. With the heart of a racer and the elegance of a yacht, the jet water car guarantees adrenaline-packed voyages, every single time.

Join the Jetcar Wave with Series-B

The Watersports Car Series-B is more than a product; it’s a revolution, an invitation to be part of something bigger. This is where power meets elegance, where the familiar roar of a jet car finds a new home upon the waves.

Series B Jet Car Boat Specifications: Unveiling Unmatched Performance

  • Customizable Jet Car Boat Capacity: With a seating capacity for four individuals, the Series-B is designed for a shared adventure on the water. Crafted for those who seek both thrill and comfort, it offers an unparalleled experience for users and their companions.
  • Weight Capacity: 1784 lbs: Built with strength in mind, the Series-B boasts a weight capacity of 1784 lbs, ensuring stability and safety for waterborne journeys.
  • Dimensions: 16.7ft Length / 6.8ft Width: Navigating the waters with style, the Series-B has a sleek design with dimensions perfectly balanced at 16.7 feet in length and 6.8 feet in width.
  • Hull Material: Fiberglass: Constructed from high-quality fiberglass, the hull of the Series-B ensures durability and a smooth glide through the water.
  • Warranty: 1 Year: Confidence in the Series-B is backed by a 1-year warranty, showcasing the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Engines: 1.8L Yamaha Supercharged 250hp, 1.8L Yamaha High Output 180hp: The heart of the Series-B lies in its powerful engines. Users can choose between the 1.8L Yamaha Supercharged 250hp for thrilling speed or the 1.8L Yamaha High Output 180hp for a balanced performance.
  • Displacement: 1812CC Reverse System: The Series-B features an 1812CC Reverse System, adding versatility and control to aquatic adventures.
  • Fuel Type: 91 Octane: Efficiency meets power with the Series-B, running on 91 Octane fuel for optimal performance.
  • Gauge: Large Screen with Security and Drive Control: Stay in command with a large screen providing essential information, security features, and drive control at the users’ fingertips.
  • Other Features: Cup Holders, Tail Lights, Headlights, Windshield Wipers, Wide Angle Mirrors, Navigation Lights, Bluetooth Stereo System

Experience Model B: A Revolution on the Waves

Embark on the Series-B experience with financing options starting at $499 per month. Seize the opportunity to own the best in water jet car technology.


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