Self storage facilities have come a long way from simple, nondescript units that merely provide extra space to store your belongings. The self storage industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, embracing technology and innovation to offer a more convenient, secure, and user-friendly experience. 

From climate-controlled storage to self storage management software, the evolution of the storage industry is marked by the latest technologies.  

This blog takes you on a journey through the evolution of self storage, from its humble beginnings to the cutting-edge, high-tech facilities of today.

The Early Days of Self Storage

The concept dates back to almost six thousand of years ago. In Ancient China at that time, people used to store their belongings in large pots placed in underground storage areas. 

However, Self storage, as we know it today, is said to have its roots in the mid-20th century. The mid-20th century self storage facilities consisted of basic, garage-like structures with roll-up doors and minimal security features. These units offered a simple storage solution for those needing extra space. Individuals and businesses used these units primarily to store their excess items.

The Shift Towards Convenience

In the modern world, as the demand for self storage grew, facility owners began to recognise the importance of convenience. This led to a shift in self storage practices by introducing features such as drive-up access, allowing customers to load and unload their items easily. Additionally, the concept of on-site management emerged for the efficient management of self storage operations. As a result, the customer service and self storage facility security improved. 

The High Tech Self Storage Units Now: The Digital Revolution

With the emergence of the digital age, the self storage industry underwent massive transformation. Technology integration in the industry brought various innovations, reshaping the customer experience. 

Here are some key features of the high-tech self storage units:

Online Reservations and Payments 

Today, renting a storage unit is only a few clicks away. Customers can browse available units, check rent, and make reservations online with the help of an online portal or website. Moreover, online payment systems have streamlined the rental process, where tenants can make payments from the comfort of their homes. 

Enhanced Security

Modern self storage units are equipped with high-tech security systems for enhanced safety. These include 24/7 surveillance cameras, gated access with personalised entry codes, smart locks, and advanced alarm systems, providing tenants with peace of mind regarding the safety of their stored items.

Climate Control

Climate-controlled units have become more prevalent, offering a controlled environment for storage items. These units are used to store and protect sensitive items like electronics, furniture, and antiques from temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Robotic Assistance

As automation is on the rise, self storage facilities are also widely automated. In some cutting-edge facilities, you may find robots that assist with tasks like moving items to and from units. These robots aim to make the process even more convenient for tenants.

The robotic assistance in self storage units saves time and effort while reducing the risk of accidents.  


The evolution of self storage from basic units to high-tech facilities reflects the increasing trend of technological innovation in various industries. The modern self storage experience is characterised by convenience, security, and efficiency due to digital advancements and cutting-edge features. 

As technology continues to evolve, the self storage industry is also expected to evolve, enhancing customer experience for tenants looking for extra space for their belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did self storage start?

The concept of self storage started as an alternative solution to bank vaults when more people began storing their valuables in banks, and the vaults became overcrowded. Then, individuals and businesses began renting space in basic, garage-like structures to store their belongings and excess inventory.

When were self storage units invented?

Self storage units were invented in the 1960s in Texas, United States. Initially, they took the form of mini-warehouses where people could store their valuables and belongings. The first self storage facility had garage-style doors and simple storage units. 

Why is the self storage industry growing? 

The self storage industry is growing due to various factors, including urbanisation, downsizing, increased mobility, and a need for extra space for personal and business items. Moreover, real estate trends and economic growth are other factors leading to self industry growth. 

Why is self storage so popular?

Self storage is popular because it offers a convenient, flexible, and secure solution for individuals and businesses to store their belongings or inventory. It provides extra space without the need for long-term commitments.

How has storage changed over the years?

Storage has evolved from basic, often unsecured spaces to high-tech, secure facilities with digital access, climate control, and advanced security systems.

What is the future of the self storage industry?

The future of the self storage industry is likely to involve continued technological advancements, automation, sustainability, and even more convenient and secure storage solutions. With increasing demand for storage solutions, the future outlook of the self storage industry is positive. 


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