We’ve compiled a list of our favorite interior design secrets that will instantly elevate a space. Read on for more information.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. A lot of new trends, and a lot of old trends coming back, do it yourself, hire a professional, big budget or small? There’s a lot to think about. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. Well, to simplify things, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite interior design secrets that will instantly elevate a space. And the best part is that a lot of them are very affordable. Read on for all the details.

Allow more natural light in

Natural light is a wonderful thing. You’re very lucky if you have long or wide windows, as the natural sunlight is going to make everything pop. The colors in your rooms will seem brighter. Your room will look bigger and more comfortable.

You can prompt this along a little bit with a few little tricks. Place a mirror or two in your room to allow the light to bounce around. Add light mesh curtains to let the room light up but keep the cold out.

Set the mood

Speaking of light, when the time comes when it’s getting darker earlier, you will want to invest in some lamps. Lamps are a great way to elevate your space on a budget. It softens the light in the room as you’ve not got the big overhead light on all the time, but also the benefits of layering your lighting include a warmer and cozier space.

Upgrade your storage

Nothing ruins an interior design space like clutter. Think about it: do all those magazines and showrooms have a bunch of mismatching stuff lining the shelves and countertops? No. Designers and homeowners alike should be very selective with what they put on display. Every single piece of décor doesn’t need to be displayed all the time. If you can’t throw it out, swap it out once in a while, but don’t overstuff the space.

This is where you’ll need a good storage solution. You can find lots of pieces in this living room furniture sale that serve their original purpose, plus offer a storage solution. Keep everything that isn’t immediately needed out of sight and out of mind. Everything will instantly look specialized and tidy in your home.

Use your vertical space

If you’re really struggling with storage, you can use the neglected and undervalued vertical space. You can add wall shelves and make yourself a library with enough room for a desk or couch underneath, you can look into a loft bed that will sit on extra storage, or you can even hang kitchen utensils from the wall to free up counter space.

Use more natural materials

Something that never goes out of style is nature, and by extension, all the items and materials that come from nature. If you want a timeless home, don’t follow the neon plastic and colors trends and instead invest in good quality natural material items to elevate your space. Wood is a given, but there is also leather, wool, bamboo, marble, clay and more to think about.


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