Not many things can compare to the simple joy of putting on freshly washed clothes that smell amazing or lying in a bed fitted with fragrant and soft sheets. Who wouldn’t want to be able to prolong that unmistakable sense of spring freshness without having to use scented detergents or fabric softeners that are often loaded with numerous chemicals?

One way to achieve this is by using a laundry enhancer. By using it alongside your normal detergent, especially if it is an unscented one, the enhancer will boost cleaning effectiveness and leave you with a batch of clothing with zero sweat odors, mildew, chemicals, or other unwanted fragrances. In addition, there are several great methods that could help you identify the reasons why your laundry has a bad smell in the first place and how to keep it smelling great for a lot longer.

Reasons Your Laundry Has A Bad Smell

It is never a good sign when you pull your freshly washed laundry from the machine, but instead of being transported to a magical place, you are greeted by a sour smell that brings you right back down to earth. There could be several reasons behind this unpleasant surprise, most of them connected to the washing machine.

Don’t Let The Laundry Linger

Leaving wet or damp clothes sitting around, even in the washer, is highly likely to result in the fabrics starting to smell. Dark, wet, and humid environments are especially conducive to the growth of bacteria, mould, or mildew. If you don’t take action, the smells could fuse with the fabrics and become that much harder to get rid of.

Make Sure The Washer Is Clean

While it may seem a bit counterintuitive at first glance, it is absolutely necessary to regularly clean the washing machine. Dirt, bacteria, and even excessive detergent could start to build up and cause the laundry to come out smelling rather unpleasant. You can use a specialized product or run the ‘Clean Washer’ program if your particular model has such an option. In many cases, regular white vinegar will also do the job of disinfecting and cleaning the drum and the rubber seal around the door if you have a front-loading washing machine.

More Is Not Always Better

Once you get a load of laundry that smells bad, it is likely that next time you might try putting even more detergent in an attempt to counteract it. However, doing so could have the exact opposite effect. Too much detergent may produce more bubbles, leading to excessive amounts of suds that can trap the bacteria or smells in the fabrics. If the clothes have slimy patches or a sort of filminess to them, it could be a sign to reduce the amount of product you put in the next laundry.

3 Ways To Keep The Fresh Laundry Smell

Now that the laundry is no longer carrying foul smells straight out of the washer, let’s focus on keeping it fresh and soft for as long as possible. The most important part is to avoid resorting to heavy chemical fragrances that could irritate sensitive skin or cause other issues.

Use A Sock In The Dryer

Find a clean sock that you no longer use, almost everyone has some just lying around after the other part of the pair has mysteriously disappeared. Next, add just a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to it and pop it in the dryer alongside the laundry. Afterward, you will be met with a batch of fresh, lovely-smelling, and dry clothes.

Storing Is Also Crucial

The way you store your clothes may also have a significant impact on how they smell and feel. First of all, never put away clothes or sheets that are not completely dry. Even if just a couple of items are still damp, they could cause the entire drawer to smell musty or begin attracting mould or mildew.

Give The Clothes Some Breathing Room

One of the best ways to keep clothes fresh and nice-smelling is to not overstuff them in a drawer or a wardrobe. Instead, make sure that there is sufficient air circulation in the storage compartment. Using wider hangers also helps in bringing more air to the particular item. As an added benefit, there will be fewer chances for the clothes to get creases.

Key Takeaways

Using a laundry enhancer could prove to be invaluable in cases where you need to get rid of stubborn and unpleasant smells without the need for any potentially harmful chemicals. Keeping your washer and dryer clean through regular disinfection will stop the accumulation of mould, dirt, detergent, etc., that could otherwise lead to unpleasantly smelling laundry. Finally, pay attention to how you store your clothes and fabrics in order to preserve their freshness.


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