Double glazed windows are the new insulation trend that locks the temperature of a room inside and blocks the exterior temperature outside.

For instance, during winter, double glazed windows will keep the cold exterior temperature outside while providing warmth in the interior of a room or any space they’re installed.

This way, they reduce the use of electricity-powered room heaters or air conditioners, making them the perfect, cost-effective, and energy-efficient insulation option for homeowners.

Considering how double-glazed windows work, they will also save energy and electricity costs.

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The Structure Of Double-Glazed Windows

As the name implies, double glazed windows comprise two thick glass panes, non-metallic separators, a seal, and an inert gas.

The size of the windows depends on the frame on which they will be fixed. Meanwhile, a minimum of 16mm (approximately) is the recommended space in the middle of the two panes, irrespective of the windows’ size. Moreover, a crucial part of the windows is argon, an inert gas that reduces heat transfer.

Unlike vents, blinds, and curtains, double glazing comes with top-notch insulating properties at a cost-effective rate.

If you decide to do it yourself, you’re likely to spend less compared to the cost of electricity.

However, the overall cost of double glazing (DIY) will depend on the number of windows you’re targeting as well as their sizes.

Nevertheless, they’re a one-time and long-term investment, so you only reap the benefits for as long as you want.

Benefits Of Double Glazed Windows

According to CUIN, double glazed windows benefit homeowners, business owners, and even rental property owners, increasing the value of the building.

Besides providing insulation, double glazed windows are ideal soundproofs, reducing how noise enters a room or an entire building.

Additionally, they provide an additional layer of protection thanks to the thick glass panes in the structure. Since the glasses are thick, it’s quite harder to break into, thus, you could be alerted about any attempt.

Also, the installation of double glazed windows reduces the need for running an air conditioner or heater to cool or warm a room during different seasons.

As such, it’s an ideal energy saver you can consider to save a handsome amount of money on electricity.

In addition, they are a cheaper and more effective insulation option compared to triple glazing cost.

Double glazed windows require little to no maintenance other than cleaning. So, apart from the cost of installation, you’ll not spend any further on the windows.

They will last for years, providing your home with warmth and coolness, as expected.

Energy Efficiency Ratings For Double Glazing

Just like fridges, double glazed windows come with energy efficiency ratings to determine their efficiency level in hot and cold conditions.

The ratings range from A to G, but when it carries an A+ rating, it means the window has optimum efficiency in thermal conditions (best thermal efficiency).

Furthermore, the ratings measure the entire energy performance of the window, considering its components, such as the glass and frame.

Therefore, double glazed windows with an energy efficiency rating of A are “Most Energy Efficient,” while the ones with G represent “Least Energy Efficient.”

So, if you’re considering double glazed windows as one of your tips on how to save electricity, it’s advisable to go for the A-rated windows.

Will New Double Glazed Windows Save Energy?

As mentioned earlier, double-glazed windows can save energy because they reduce the speed at which the temperature in your property changes.

By decreasing heat energy transfer in and out of your house, you’re likely to experience a cooler home in summer and a warm environment during winter.

This means you won’t rely completely on the cooling and heating systems in your home, which will suck on electricity and increase your utility bills.

Considering how double-glazed windows work, they will save energy and cost and provide many other benefits.

Factors That Could Affect Their Thermal Performance

While double-glazed windows are effective, durable, and ideal insulation options, a few factors could impact their thermal performance.

These include the type of glass panes used for the windows, the air space, sealing, and inert gas.

So, to be safe, consider double-glazed windows with asymmetrical glass or special glass types like laminated glass or low-emissivity glass.

If you’re constructing the windows by yourself, make sure to make the air space wider between 10mm to 18mm.

Also, use argon gas in the air space as it works perfectly in slowing down heat transfer. This way, you can have perfect, durable, and efficient windows.


Double-glazed windows benefit property owners, reducing triple-glazing costs and helping them save energy.

If you want more tips on saving electricity, you should tag along with CUIN, the most reliable eco-friendly company.

Pankaj Gorsia

Pankaj Gorsia is the Director of CUIN Glass in London. Under his leadership, Crystal Units has continuously grown thanks to its exclusive high-performance insulating glass with suspended film technology in the residential and commercial sectors.


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