A well-defined trend, sustainability, clearly marks 2023. Throughout 2022 and after the global pandemic, sustainability became one of the main themes and maximum inspiration in architecture and interior design. According to the best “do my dissertation” services, sustainability is the top trend theme in architecture during 2023 and around it, other trends that seek to enhance the health of the environment and the emotional health of the inhabitants of each home.


We have a clear situation, and it is that the world is in a permanent change. The needs and the evolution in the paradigms in relation to our behavior as humanity in relation to our planet, is perhaps one of the biggest changes we have experienced in recent years.

The new generations maintain as a priority the balance between environmental health and physical health and in the face of these new needs, a demand arises in search of homes that are committed to energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint. Faced with this new search, architecture is adapting to this public by extending the element of sustainability from construction processes and technologies to decorative elements in interior and exterior spaces.

Green Technology

One of the issues arising from sustainability is the application of green technology and passive construction processes. One of the main concerns revolves around renewable and energy resources in relation to energy efficiency. Solar panels are becoming essential, LED technology and the use of energy efficient A scale appliances that reduce water and energy consumption thanks to Eco programs and eco-meter systems that constantly measure energy and water consumption.

In terms of energy efficiency during the implementation and execution of each project, techniques and methodologies are developed that make time profitable, streamlining and reducing the waste of materials and resources while improving the safety of workers.


This trend is the result of new lifestyles in relation to leisure and work. In this new perspective with origins in the home office, businesses are virtualized, the image of digital nomads expands, and trends in social networks and other digital platforms become business models. Instagramers, Youtubers, Gamers and the democratization of e-commerce or delivery services make homes become top priority.

Faced with this new era of digitalization, architecture develops R&D actions in biomaterials that reduce the carbon footprint in construction processes, take care of the environment and the health of the inhabitants of each home. These actions clearly reinforce the circular economy model that is applied from the beginning of modular construction to household appliances that are against planned obsolescence.

Emotional Luxury

Another trend in architecture during 2023 will be marked by the recovery of the reconnection with the natural, the authentic.  The authenticity of noble materials is valued during construction and finishes, and the consumption of ethical products and craftsmanship is favored, favoring local commerce. Every element that will be part of homes in 2023 will be chosen to provoke sensations of well-being, protection and security.

During 2023, modular architecture is presented as the solution to a demand for a holistic approach in search of physical, mental and emotional health.

Aesthetically, organic shapes and soft touches invite wellness, relaxation and serenity to live in balance.


Bringing outdoor spaces indoors is another trend that emerged from the pandemic and one of those that has been maintained with the expectation of lasting longer. Here biophilic design, moss and preserved foliage take center stage. The quest to reconnect with nature leads the architecture to create large windows that frame the views like a landscape. Balconies are another big player in the trends in architecture during 2023.

The industrialization of architecture has enabled complete personalization of each project. The needs of each family are covered thanks to modular architecture that has been able to adapt to each home’s lives, habits and daily life.

Combined with the short delivery times and the application of the “turnkey” system, modular architecture is one of the great protagonists of the trends in architecture during 2023.


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