Most people have to settle with the idea of buying a home that’s already been used or that someone else designed. However, if we have the fantastic opportunity to build our own house there are some important matters to consider so you have the best experience building the house of your dreams

There are important things that we should do take into consideration: How big is the land that we have? What is its orientation? What materials make us feel comfortable?

The importance of having everything covered!

A house is a space in constant mutation, since it is reformed along with the growth of the family. It is natural that it suffers modifications when children come or when they leave for college.

Also, a home can be modified in order to help our children to pursue their interests. Let’s imagine that one of the youngest members of the family finds his passion in music and we must adapt some part of the house so that he can develop his interest.

These events are very common and we must be prepared! The modifications that we need to make should not modify the essence of the house, which must continue to respect the parameters that we will see below.


The different rooms of our home can be clearly separated or united in a larger space. What matters is that the spatiality inspires us, that it does not generate a feeling of suffocation. Let’s observe how in this project the incidence of the sun in the space has been studied. How pleasant it is to be in an environment like this.

We must pay special attention to this factor, since our life at home will be strongly determined by this important detail. Having large rooms might feel like a waste of space if we have a small family or we like a minimalistic approach when it comes to decoration. On the other hand, having small rooms might feel suffocating if there are a lot of people living under the same roof.


We need to pay special attention to the materials we choose to have contact with. Depending on their location, we need the different elements that make up the house to provide different sensations. For example, a railing that should provide security, if it is metallic, it is fulfilling its function. A floor with which we will have direct contact, being made of wood gives us a warm and pleasant sensation. If outside we have an interesting vegetation, worthy of being seen, it would be ideal to be able to contemplate it, so a transparent glass will facilitate the link with it.


It is very important to consider what type of outdoor spaces we want to live in.  It is interesting to raise different types of surfaces on the floor that give us options depending on the activity and climate. Check over here to see interesting ideas for patios and outdoors areas for your home.

Be careful with the labor budget

Building a house goes beyond gluing cement and bricks. The master builders and their supervisors know the perfect measure of water, lime, cement, sand and other materials to give shape to your home, as well as the placement of rebar for the foundation.

It is very important that, together with the architect or engineer in charge of your project, you choose the workers who will build the house, according to your budget and the need for personnel. You can try these suggestions to have in mind when choosing your building personnel.

Choose a functional design that suits your taste

You must pay special attention to this part of the construction, since your style and ideas will be reflected in the plans. This is where you think about how many rooms you want, with what orientation, how the hall will be, if you need a garage, among other important indications. Try to work hand in hand with the architect and have him show you his designs continuously.

Remember that style is derived from the personality of each person or family. You can lean towards classic or choose something modern or minimalist.

It’s a hard, but an amazing journey!

Building our house it’s definitely a long and challenging journey, but also a rewarding one. When you see the finished product, at the same time as you remember that empty lot where you started, you will surely have tears down your eyes. You will have definitely learned a lot about the building process, and made many friends along the way.  Remember to keep in mind all of these advice we have given you, to make the process as smooth as possible.


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