We’ve come close to the beginning of the new school year. Some students have already picked out the field of studies they want to learn; others still hesitate. In this article, we want to go deep into the topic of buildings: their structures and appearance. You’ll have an opportunity to get acquainted with the rankings of the best universities for architecture, learn their history, learn more about students’ life on campus, and maybe even make your final decision. The importance of higher education choice is known worldwide – the whole future depends on it. So, let’s get started with finding your future university right away!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / Cambridge, United States

MIT is a private school located in an elite area of Boston – Cambridge, Massachusetts. Currently, the Institute provides academic growth to 4,200 people and usually doesn’t accept more. MIT is considered the best architectural school in the US and globally. It’s not a secret that admission to the academy is highly competitive and equals only 7%. Among all of the corresponding majors, graduates can also select Mathematics, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering. Another fact worth mentioning is the salary rates of alumni in the United States which are never less than $80,000. In addition, it has the greatest overall rates in the fields such as diversity, professors, undergrads’ life, value, etc.

Delft University / Delft, Netherlands

Engineering is one of the STEM subjects at Delft University, which has a high academic reputation. With more than 21,000 undergraduates enrolled and providing 2,036 faculties, one of the most popular colleges for architecture has the largest campus. You could have also seen it in the articles about the most modern college campuses in Europe. It includes several areas, including parks with cycle lines, a new medical center, a botanic garden, various labs, and even a flight simulator. Delft also operates according to the list, satisfying requirements such as employer reputation or citations for faculty rates, etc.

UCL / London, United Kingdom

UCL is a public university and provides more than 40,000 people with a degree. Additionally, in many surveys, it remains in 7th place, proudly considered one of the 2022 top architecture schools. Also, UCL is known for solid examination output. Moreover, the research impact is integrated into the teaching process, meaning each learner can contribute to the field. Similar to other colleges for architecture, ULC brings people from around the globe. Diversity has built an environment and created strong multicultural bonds on the campus. The location of the university is brilliant. Situated in the city center, it’s surrounded by numerous museums, libraries, professional bodies, and archives intended to be used for the in-deep studying.

ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Zürich, Switzerland

The University of Zurich is well-known for its modern technologies and innovations. It has the highest rates and offers a variety of examination subjects starting from engineering and up to physics. “The university offers a variety of majors, and is a top place for future engineers,” claims Marie Zneit, an engineer and a writer for PapersOwl, whose experience in education is impressive. The other benefits, such as sports and cultural development, are also accessible. Learners can participate in the SOLA race or attend plays, exhibitions, museums, etc.

Harvard University / Cambridge, United States

Harvard is a private school that everyone has heard of. It is also the oldest university in the United States which still remains the best at providing knowledge, innovative ways of examination, and on-edge technologies. Harvard is located in Cambridge and has a large admission of 21,000 undergraduates. All the attendees have an opportunity to choose a variety of extracurriculars, co-curricular, and sports. The USA has plenty of famous Harvard alumni, for instance, several presidents, about 250 Marshalls, 360 Rhodes Scholars, etc. The institute would be a perfect place for bookworms – it has the largest library in the world. For instance, it includes 10 million photographs, 18 million volumes, and 400 million manuscripts, and it’s not even close to the end of the colleges for architecture benefits.

National University of Singapore (NUS) / Singapore, Singapore

NUS is a public school with 38,000 total learners. It is located in Asia and aims to develop oriental expertise and popularize eastern perspectives. The academic community is widely diverse – undergraduates come from more than 100 different lands, bringing their cultures. NUS provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere that helps to widen the borders of one’s mind and build a creative initiative in the area. Among the ranking of 17 faculties, you can find architecture. The school’s approach is multidisciplinary and integrated, meaning coworking government, academia, or industry partners are included in the course. While studying at NUS university, you’ll go deep in the development of oriental culture and all the relevant issues in the field.

Politecnico di Milano / Milan, Italy

Politecnico de Milano is one of the oldest but, at the same time, outstanding colleges for architecture in Europe. With 45,000 accepted learners, it is also on the scroll of the largest universities in Italy in the fields of Design, Architecture, and Engineering. Politecnico de Milano has several campuses, and they all are located in different towns near Milan. The school’s main goal is to provide the best possible educational conditions. The academy offers a variety of academic programs and well-equipped labs. Moreover, the postgraduate course is fully taught in English, attracting and giving possibilities to learners globally. Many national and European professionals have studied in the Politecnico de Milano, for instance, Giulio Natta, Renzo Piano, and Aldo Rossi.

Final Thoughts

The choice of the field of study and the colleges for architecture might be complicated. Nowadays, there are a variety of top universities that provide their offers, including the best conditions for getting a degree. Most undergraduates apply to world university rankings, trying to compare them, analyze the better option, and select the one that corresponds to their preferences. All the schools in the article are highly professional and well-equipped, aiming to provide the best academic experience. All you need to do is decide where you want to settle and what culture you want to learn. Afterward, the complexity of making a choice will disappear in a few moments.


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