Wall decoration has come a long way. In the past your options were quite limited – you could choose the color you painted your walls and the frames to display your photos or paintings, and that was pretty much it. By contrast, these days we can do just about anything we like with our walls – with a huge range of new print formats available that let us put a personal stamp on our living space. Custom canvas prints are one personalized wall art solution that’s winning the hearts of decor professionals and amateurs alike around the world.

Let’s have a closer look at canvas prints – what are their advantages, and do they have any disadvantages? Should you consider canvas prints for your next wall makeover project? Read on for the answers.

Prints that Look Like Artworks

The main difference between canvas prints and more conventional print formats is the artistic appearance of canvas.

The overall design of contemporary canvas prints originates from classic oil paintings. In both cases the material is stretched over an inner frame, which gives the whole piece a pleasing depth and robustness. Some canvas formats are also available with an outer decor frame similar to the ones you’ll see around paintings in traditional art galleries – though most people choose to display their canvas without this.

Versatile Decor Features for Any Home

Thanks to their borderless design, canvas prints look great in almost any interior. Other wall decor formats are often suited to a limited range of decor schemes – wall decals, for example, could look odd in a classically styled room. But canvas can look restrained or punchy, vintage or contemporary. Having said that, you will need to choose the right image to print on your canvas – one that suits the overall atmosphere of the room.

Wall Decor That Won’t Break the Bank

When it comes to cost, canvas prints are real game-changers in the premium wall art sector. Not too long ago it was all but impossible to find quality prints at affordable prices, but new developments in photo equipment and changes in the wall decor market have made a real difference.

Thanks to the proliferation of affordable good-quality cameras (most of them now included with mobile phones) we don’t need expensive gear to take excellent photos ourselves. And it’s easier than ever to turn your own digital images into superb prints, because there are quality custom printing services, many of them online, which have made swinging price cuts.

This is mainly because of the “mass customization” model, where most of the production process is automated even for prints made to the buyer’s individual specifications. By economizing on labor, the best providers can afford to use first-class materials and state-of-the-art printing technology.

Canvas Prints as Symbols of Mass Customization

Canvas prints aren’t the only wall decor products made according to the mass customization model, but it was mainly canvas that drove this small revolution in the first place.

You can always find budget-friendly yet high-quality canvas prints at CANVASDISCOUNT.com, a respected online discount printing service. CANVASDISCOUNT have sold more than 10,000,000 prints across the US. With no sign of canvas losing its phenomenal popularity, it looks set to remain the signature product in the world of custom wall decoration.

Wall Art for Millennials and Gen Zs

Any conversation about future trends – including in interior design and wall decoration – needs to address the tastes and habits of the generations who’ll make up the bulk of the retail market in the coming years.

It’s a safe bet that canvas prints will remain the top wall art choice for both Millennials and Gen Zers. The young folks who make up these generations tend to live nomadic lifestyles – either by choice or by necessity – and they naturally prefer affordable and easily transportable features that are suited to short-term rentals.

Any Downsides You Should be Aware Of?

Canvas prints aren’t just wonderfully versatile, they’re very durable too – you can display them in most living spaces and be confident they’ll remain in good condition for decades. But canvas prints do have some natural vulnerabilities.

Being a fabric, canvas is porous – meaning that it’s liable to absorb moisture from the air. It’s also susceptible to heat damage. Because of these factors, we recommend choosing other wall art formats for kitchens and bathrooms – or, if you do want to decorate these rooms with canvas, to get your prints laminated for extra protection.

Final Words

There may be many options to choose from these days if you want to decorate the walls of your living space, but canvas prints stand out from the crowd. If you want a solution that combines flawlessly crisp printing with traditional artistic charm, canvas prints should be your first choice.


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