An architect designs, outline and plan the construction of a building. Their special creative skills make people refer to them as artists. To improve the quality of life and excellent architecture must attend a degree in the architecture program. Becoming an architect means that some educational credentials must have been met to become a professional licensed architect. Before any architect can receive a job offer or request to design a building, one must have gone through some specialized educational training and earned the right architecture degree. The bulk of architectural work focuses on visual arts, interior design and structural engineering, which requires impeccable design skills; they need certified education requirements and practical experience to be qualified.

In addition, architectural training does not cover artful conception alone some other attributes required are technical, organizational, teamwork, analytical, listening and as well as good communication skills. A trained architect should pay attention to their client’s needs and communicate easily with them is crucial in architecture to collaborate with experts in the same fields. These make efficient and effective turnouts possible. For students looking to make this line of work, their focus should have the capability to couple their artistic skills with educational skills.

Obtaining the correct academic credential is highly important to present your ideas professionally. It is the first stage in securing the goal to be an architect. In this article, you will learn the different educational degrees one must attain to be a licensed major in architecture.


The necessary architecture education requirements to have are a degree program and a practical study related to the career interest.

  • A University Education

Every architect must go through academic schooling to get a degree from an approved college with an architectural degree program. As a general rule, students are to submit a personal statement service before the admission process starts. This personal statement provides quick assistance to enhance your application essay and CV to stand out as the best among the crowd to reach your college goals.

  • Internship Training

This is either done after graduation or in the final year. Although a college degree has been gotten, it is compulsory to undergo practical training presented as an internship through the guiding hands of a mentor. The common tasks of interns here include sculpting buildings, sketching blueprints, and carrying out research with professional architects.

  • A Final test

The Architect Registration Exam for students is one all aspiring architecture applicants must pass this is an architect requirement to test their full knowledge in the career path as an architect. It is deemed necessary by a state architectural board and no license will be awarded if it is not passed.


One of the qualifications a successful architect should have is an architect required degree certificate. The National Board for Architecture has made it compulsory for students of architecture to have a degree field in architecture must be accredited. An applicant may be required to write an essay application or submit a portfolio. If help is needed with essay writing, there are paper writing services that dedicate their time to helping students with their essay reviews. STLtoday is the right place to make a selection based on choice. The degree program must have the board’s approval. High school students wishing to serve as licensed architects must either obtain a master’s or bachelor’s degree in architecture.

It is not necessary to have Doctoral qualifications. The national board requires that architectural students have at least one. Students that decide to hold both do so for personal reasons, and to build the morale of their career.

1) Bachelor of Architecture

It takes about 5 years to complete the undergraduate program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. A student that does not have a previous discipline in the architecture field may choose to obtain 2 years graduate program that isn’t NAAB accredited. An applicant who wishes to further ahead can pursue a master’s degree. Those that are unwilling can proceed with the next course by going for 3 years internship to complete the program requirements.

At this degree level, architectural students should anticipate taking courses like;
• Urban and regional planning
• Architectural Landscape
• Building Interior
• Environmental Planning
• Technology in Architecture
• Green/sustainable design in building
• CAD drawings
• Structural design in steel
• Construction and Building
• Architecture History

2) Master of Architecture

Students that do not have a first degree in architecture can pursue this degree program. It takes 2 to 5 years to complete this program base on the curriculum, research work and design practice since the students here are beginners with no background knowledge of architecture.

Also, students who already have a bachelor’s degree in architecture can go for this degree if they want to boot up their careers. Unlike those without a pre-professional degree, the students here will use about 3 years to complete the program since they have already been taught some history and theories of architecture in their first program.

The professional architect classes taught here include;

• Architectural computation and criticism
• Pictorial representation
• Building technology and science
• Digital design techniques
• Licensing and Certification
• Architectural Environment and sustainability
• Theory of architectural design and
• Architectural history

Furthermore, a professional learning experience related to the field of study follows these programs. Depending on the college’s desire, it may be done during the fourth year or after graduation. Students will be asked to work at professional sites to expose them to the architectural world. Once the internship has been completed, the students will be asked to write a series of exams to in order become licensed architects.


Remember that talent and creativity are not the only essential elements that can make a good architect. There are educational architecture requirements. Get a college or university degree, intern at work sites for better job experience, and write the final examination. After earning a degree, the road to becoming an architect will be complete.


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