With summer just around the corner, it is time to embrace the natural beauty of the great outdoors and turn your attention to your own outdoor space. Garden architecture plays an essential role in creating a compelling and welcoming outdoor area for relaxing after work, dining al fresco, and socializing with family and friends. This summer, transform your old garden space into a captivating outdoor oasis fit for purpose. With thoughtful design elements you can create a harmonious living space that is serene and inviting. Here are a few great ideas to inspire you to create a compelling outdoor space for the summer.

Define Your Space

Well-designed pathways add structure and visual appeal to an outdoor space. They serve as functional elements and can help you define your space. Pathways are created to guide guests through different areas of your garden, such as the vegetable patch or the patio, and can be made from different types of materials. Opt for materials that suit your garden and reflect your personal style.

Create a Comfortable Outdoor Seating Area

A comfortable outdoor seating area is important for soaking up the summer vibes and enjoying your garden to the fullest. There are plenty of outdoor seating designs to choose from. For example, a wooden decking is perfect for a contemporary garden and gives visitors a good view of the garden, while a spacious patio is a more traditional design for an outdoor living space. Alternatively, a cozy bench beneath your favorite tree will allow you to relax with a book or chat with friends in the cool shade. Whatever seating design you choose, make sure you incorporate weather-resistant outdoor furniture that complements your garden. From modern sectional sofas to charming hanging chairs, furnish your garden with pieces that can help you create a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t forget the small details, such as soft throws and plush cushions in vibrant colors. These thoughtful touches will help you create the right mood and ensure your comfort and relaxation.

Illuminate Your Garden

Outdoor lighting elements can help extend the functionality of your outdoor space and allow you to enjoy your garden for longer. To create a magical ambiance, opt for a combination of outdoor lighting, such as lanterns and fairy lights. Make sure you pick the right color and brightness to enhance the mood. Use outdoor lights to light up pathways to keep people safe as they navigate your garden and to illuminate the seating areas so that your guests are comfortable enough to spend more time outside.

Add Vertical Elements

Pergolas and gazebos add architectural interest to an outdoor space and provide shade and protection from the elements. These outdoor structures draw the eyes upwards towards the sky and make natural focal points in the garden. As with pathways, choose materials that complement the style of your garden. You can add visual appeal to some outdoor structures, such as pergolas, by adorning them with vines or climbing plants.

Embrace Greenery

Speaking of plants, an effective way to create a compelling outdoor space is by embracing greenery and introducing a diverse range of plants to the garden. Consider the color, height, and texture of potential plants, and try to create a dynamic, layered landscape with a complementary collection. Opting for a mix of evergreens, ornamental grasses, and flowering plants can help ensure you have a beautiful garden all year round. If privacy and natural shade are important to you, make sure you add a few towering trees. Those who enjoy cooking may enjoy tending to a dedicated area for fruit and vegetables.


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