Size isn’t everything when it comes to supporting your mattress. Traditional box springs get the job done, but the tradeoff is unwanted height being added to your bed. With the Bunkie Board as an available option, consumers can now get the support they want without the additional height.

What is A Bunkie Board?

A Bunkie Board is an alternative to box spring mattresses. It is between 1-3 inches, which is a massive difference from the traditional 9 inches of a standard box spring mattress. Bunkie Boards even beat out the low-profile box springs that come in at a minimum of 5 inches. You can use a Bunkie Board on more than a bed, and this is where the flexibility begins to show. It is the most nonintrusive part you can buy for a bed without affecting the overall feel and design. And for pricing, Bunkie Boards blow leading box spring brands out of the water.


The list of pros for a Bunkie Board keeps getting bigger as the product gains national renown. Some features are a standout while others are good to know. By the end of the pros list, you should have a better idea of what to expect after the purchase.

  • A lower profile means more space for getting in and out of bed. This is good for aesthetic reasons and overall comfort reasons. You don’t want to feel like breaking an ankle is a possibility when getting out of bed
  • All mattress sizes are compatible with a Bunkie Board. This includes mattresses with varying sizes and types. For many consumers, taking the guessing games out of bed compatibility is the best pro
  • Support and structure are either the same or better than your current box spring. This is the biggest questions consumers have when moving on from a traditional box spring mattress. You never have to worry about the weight being uneven
  • The price of Bunkie Boards won’t make you regret the change. The product is revolutionary, but the price is very consumer friendly


With all of the pros, there are still a few cons to mention. None of these are game changing, and in many cases are an expected drawback. It is up to you to decide if this will affect the purchase power of a Bunkie Board.

  • In order to provide the best barrier between the mattress and the base, some of the airflow had to be reduced. Sleepers that are serious about hypoallergenic sleep habits may find this off-putting
  • Humid and wet climates may not be the best for wooden Bunkie Boards. The environment will slowly cause the product to warp. In these instances, it is better to get a non-wooden Bunkie Board for long-term use

Just the Facts

What started out as a small idea has become an industry-wide phenomenon. Bunkie Boards are here to stay, in many cases are a better choice than box springs. For a solid and sturdy surface, there are few products that can match the features of Bunkie Board.


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