Buying a new home rarely means moving into your dream, 100% complete, won’t-change-a-thing home. Even if the property itself has the potential to become your dream home, chances are there are a few things you’ll want to change to make it perfectly suited to you. For most, this can be simple updates that just add that character that they love and need. For others, it will take a full renovation.

Updating your home is a big task, but doing it right before you move in or shortly afterwards can help you immediately make it feel like home. This tip applies to those moving into an older home that they are hoping to modernize, and for new properties, you are hoping to add that quality character.

While you can absolutely gut your property to make it entirely in your image, this is so expensive and not an option for most. Rather, most new homeowners will be interested in the key investment upgrades and updates they can make to help transform their new property into their own home. A little can go a long way, and with these tips, you can make sure your money is going in the right direction.

Custom Storage

Every home can do with a custom storage solution. This is how you make your home effortlessly functional without taking away from the visual space of your property. You can add custom shelves into your existing closets to maximize the vertical space, for example. You can also add full custom wardrobes that add a whole wall of storage to take care of your closet space issues.

In terms of where your storage should be, focus on the nooks and crannies of your home. Any dead space areas can be filled with a custom storage solution to maximize the space and function of your property.

You’ll also want these custom solutions in your bedroom. Fully fitted bedrooms are a must to help you beautifully display your full wardrobe. Not only is this how you’ll keep your pieces in top condition, but it also makes finding what you are looking for a breeze. As a bonus, you can say goodbye to clunky furniture that can make your bedroom feel claustrophobic.

With custom storage solving your storage dilemma, you can then choose furniture pieces more intentionally. You can absolutely add a dresser if you love the design of it and it fits perfectly in the space. Since you have that custom closet, you can then focus on pieces that add to the aesthetic of your space rather than try to find options that will comfortably fit your things.

The Floors

The hassle of changing your floors after you move in and all your stuff is in the way is one of the biggest hiccups to making this upgrade. If you love the floors you already have, then the only thing to really consider is if they need a brush-up. If they’re wood, for example, they may do well with a new coat of varnish or wax. If you have certain types of tile, they may need to be refinished.

Doing this now can save you time and, as a result, money. This is true if you’re simply repairing the floors your property came with or ripping it all out to lay down new floors that you absolutely love.

When choosing floors, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, wood should not be in the kitchen or bathrooms. The moisture alone can and will warp, if not rot your boards. If you love the look of hardwood in kitchens, you can get tiles made to look like wooden floorboards instead.

If your property already has wooden floorboards, and you don’t like the color, then know you can refinish them. To do this, you’ll likely need to first scrape off the varnish and then sand it down from there. This will give you virgin wood that you can then stain to suit your style or just seal to keep that natural wood tone.

The Trimming

You can really make a statement with the floorboards and crown molding in your property. Make it white for a classic, understated look. Paint it a bright hue for a pop of color and interest. You can even strip these down bare and prep them so they match the floors, which can be a great way to bring the warmth of natural wood up into more vertical areas of your home.

Don’t be afraid to add trimming, either. You can add crown molding, for example, which is a big tip if your home is old and the corners up top are a bit wonky. You can also add paneling to add character. This panelling can be full boards, 70s style, or it could be reminiscent of Parisian flats. This trend has become so popular that there are now kits to make it easy. Simply select your size, and then nail down the trimming in the style you want. For a seamless look, you’ll want to seal the edges with caulk and then paint it the same color as your wall.

Repaint Your Walls

Finally, repaint your walls. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to spruce up an older build and a great way to make a new build feel just yours. With new builds, there may be a recommended wait time before you paint. This is because your house is still settling. If it settles and cracks appear, you’ll then need to get in touch with the builders to have the issue fixed. If you paint it before that happens, you may not be able to see those issues.

Have fun with wallpaper as well. Wallpaper has truly come a long way, with designer pieces looking more like full-on art murals than what homeowners in the past had access to. Invest in these pieces to add a striking element to your home, and know for the best results, it’s important to have a professional come in and put it up for you.


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