Even in the modern world of business where most companies use online methods to communicate with their customers, the average member of the public is still far more likely to choose to do business with a company that has a personable approach.

A personal touch still goes a long way and so, with that being said, here’s how to show your customers your appreciation.

Work Hard to Build a Consistent Experience

One of the simplest methods of building a strong and loyal customer or client base is to work hard to be as consistent as possible through every stage of the transaction and any aftercare needs.

Consistency is one of the most highly rated attributes of a company chosen to supply products and services time and time again and together with high levels of proven reliability, your customers will both feel appreciated and remain loyal.

Tempt Them with Engaging Incentives

Another hugely influential way of showing your customers how much you value them and indeed, at the same time an excellent method of boosting your sales and therefore improving your profit margins, is to launch a customer rewards program.

As it costs a business substantially more to attract and successfully gain new customers than simply retaining repeat custom, customer appreciate solutions are a fantastic way to encourage people to stick with you and even to order more than they normally would.

Aim to Exceed Expectations Each and Every Time

Customer satisfaction is, obviously, of paramount importance when it comes to retaining business, but simply checking a box after the completion of a sale doesn’t automatically mean your customers feel appreciated.

Instead, aim to not only meet your customer and client expectations, but to downright exceed them, by regularly asking yourself the following questions:

  • What type of precedent are our company’s industry rivals setting?
  • How do we change our own company beat this precedent?
  • What exactly is it that our customers have come to expect?
  • What industry standards are we obliged to provide?

Build an Omni-Channel Experience

An omni-channel experience essentially means the provision of complete access to a company’s offers on products, their FAQs, and of course, their products and/or services, to potential customers across all platforms, channels, and devices.

There is a wide plethora of fabulous advantages to introducing an omni-channel experience for your customers, not least as a way of better showing them your appreciation, including the following:

  • Higher and more impressive profit margins
  • Much higher customer satisfaction levels
  • An improved turnover of inventory
  • Higher lifetime value of customers
  • Increasingly personalized services to each customer

Improve Your Social Media Management

Finally, you’ll already be aware of the unprecedented yet undeniably impressive takeover of the various social media platforms when it comes to both how customers find a company’s products in the first place and how influential their comments and reviews have become.

This is why the last suggestion within this article to any owner or manager of a business, regardless of the industry in which it’s based, is to spend time focusing on your aptitude at managing your social media channels.

You could choose to invest in comprehensive and innovative social media management tools, such as Hootsuite, to schedule timely content updates uniformly and simultaneously at set times across all your social media platforms.

Other tips on how to manage your social media content more effectively include increasing the number of videos and images you include in your posts, to stay regularly active, promote your brand presence across your channels, and creating a social media editorial calendar to better manage all of your content.


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