Want to give your business’s Instagram a boost? These essential marketing tools are guaranteed to help you grow your account and reach new audiences.

Best Must-Have Tools for Instagram Marketing

 If you’re in business, you’re most probably on Instagram. The ultimate goal of being present on the platform is a robust growth of both virtual fans and actual incomes. With a wide choice of paid and free tools for Instagram marketing, achieving success is easier than it might seem. Read on to learn about the best solutions designed to facilitate IG marketers’ jobs and pick the most suitable for your situation.

What Are the Tools for Social Media Marketing

Using Instagram as a marketing tool has long become common for brands and businesses. While the platform offers a variety of astonishing features such as video editing, user search, or analytics (the last one for business accounts only), some third-party apps’ functionalities are way broader.

Social media marketing tools are software applications that enhance Instagram’s existing functions or open up those natively unavailable.

The purposes they’re used for include:

  • account management automation
  • performance analytics
  • account monitoring
  • scheduled posting
  • customer relations
    …and many more

Tools for social media and marketing can be universal and platform-specific. In this article, we explore both custom-made apps for Instagram and those designed for different social networks including IG.

Seven Best Tools for Instagram Marketing

1. Inflact

Inflact is a seasoned team of Instagram marketing professionals who know the platform inside out and offer a suite of profound tools. This one is a must-have if you’re looking to grow and scale your business, gain a strong following, and automate your routine IG account management tasks.

Their product line is impressive and contains literally everything, from a simple video downloader to a smart bot with human-like behavior that can perform quite a bunch of important functions.

We won’t be able to describe all the tools in this article, but here is a tip. If you want to quickly gain hands-on experience with the entire kit, buy their 7-day Pro Pack for just $3 (after a trial period it will switch to the Advanced Pack).

You can also start by testing their free tools such as hashtag generator, fonts generator, Instagram story saver, and others. However, true miracles start when you employ the full potential of these cutting-edge AI-powered services.

Inflact ranks first in our list because it has tools for various aspects of Ig marketing and because each of them is an advanced and useful solution. From Instagram tools for creators such as the font generator, to complex automation services, they seem to have everything one can think of.


  • Basic for $54/mo
  • Advanced for 64/mo
  • Pro for $84/mo
  • a 7-day Pro Pack for $3

2. Toolzu

Their set of tools is slightly narrower, though they still have key services an IG marketer would need. For example, the free Profiles Catalog can be used to explore the platform with an advanced Instagram profile search.

The tool is a perfect choice if you need to find influencers as it allows you to search accounts based on the number of followers. Other filters include category and gender. The availability of pro settings for advanced search makes it one of the best Instagram tools for influencer marketing.

Instagram Profile Analyzer by Toolzu is great for auditing your own or competitors’ accounts and getting valuable insights, from the best post time to the most liked content. Results will be delivered in seconds — twelve metrics in total. By thoroughly analyzing your successful rivals’ performance indicators, you can improve your content marketing strategy and grow your business organically.


Toolzu sells subscriptions for separate tools:

  • Profile Downloader for $4/mo
  • Hashtag Generator for $9/mo
  • Instagram Search for $19/mo
  • Stories Saver for $7/mo

3. Keyhole

They claim to have all you need for making data-driven social media decisions. As the service is also designed for multiple platforms, at first sight, it’s difficult to say which features can be used for Instagram marketing. Fortunately, they have a list of tools broken down by platform at the bottom of the main page. From there, we can learn that they have an Instagram analytics solution.

Keyhole’s Instagram Analytics can be used to measure campaign ROI, track hashtags and influencer metrics, and uncover all important posts, Stories, and Reels data, including the number of likes, comments, and views. It also allows you to create PDF Instagram analytics reports.

Their other marketing tools for Instagram include account monitoring and scheduled publishing.


  • SMB & Freelancers for $79/mo
  • Corporate for $239/mo
  • Agency for $479/mo
  • Enterprise — custom-made plan
  • A free trial is available

4. Iconosquare

This is another toolkit designed for multiple platforms. The array of solutions includes tools for analytics, reporting, publishing, collaboration, conversations, and listening. All social media accounts can be managed from a single dashboard. For instance, Conversations allows you to identify unread comments and reply to them via the platform.

What we especially like about this service, along with the toolkit itself, is their creative approach to user onboarding. The dynamic layout of guidelines, cartoon-like graphic elements, and sweet manner of addressing customers transform the process of learning how to use Instagram as a marketing tool into fun.

By the way, recently they added an Instagram Reels analytics feature to their toolkit with historical data available. Following the trends is highly important in such a changing ecosystem as socials, and the company seems to know it perfectly well.


  • Pro for €49/mo
  • Pro for €79/mo
  • Enterprise for €139/mo
  • 14-day free trial
  • A demo can be requested

5. Sprout Social

Yet another all-in-one social media management platform with a kit of solutions for IG marketing is Sprout Social. To check what Instagram tools are available on their website, click on the Solutions category in the main menu and select Instagram in the By Social Network tab in the dropdown menu.

With Sprout Social, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts: plan, schedule, and post content, engage with customers via a social CRM toolset, monitor comments, DMs, mentions, story replies, and media tags, measure performance, and generate reports.


  • Standard for $249/mo
  • Professional for $399/mo (a demo can be requested)
  • Advanced for $499/mo (a demo can be requested)
  • Enterprise — custom-built
  • a 30-day free trial is available

6. Social Bee

Social Bee’s tools include scheduling for all Instagram post types, content generation with the help of AI, posting first comments under your posts, hashtag generation, and a built-in design editor, among others.

Similar to the above-mentioned services, it provides Instagram account analytics and target audience insights. They promise that by using their service, you’ll succeed in lead generation with less effort. Our verdict is that they truly deserve a try.


  • Bootstrap for $29/mo
  • Accelerate for $49/mo
  • Pro for $99/mo
  • 14-day free trial
  • a demo can be booked

7. Phlanx

This service proves software solutions can be good without excessive complexity and sophistication. Tools by Phlanx are straightforward, user friendly, and extremely easy to understand.

Their toolkit includes Instagram Post Likes Calculator that, obviously, counts how many likes Instagram posts receive; an Instagram engagement calculator for measuring engagement rates; Instagram Auditor that can audit influencer accounts for genuine and non-active followers, assess their engagement rate and analyze if they’re the right choice for representing your brand.

Instagram Competitor Tracker can be used to compare engagement rates of different Instagram accounts using simplified graphs.


  • Basic for $39/mo
  • Premium for $60/mo
  • Business for $90/mo
  • Three-months free trial with yearly billing

Final Thoughts

Is Instagram a good marketing tool? Absolutely! However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement. There are all kinds of useful third-party apps designed to make Instagram marketers’ lives easier. Some of the best tools for social media and marketing are presented in this short review.

While some companies create multi-purpose products that can be used for managing different social network accounts, others prefer to focus on specific platforms like Instagram and bring their solutions to perfection. It’s totally up to you which one to choose: a dedicated service or an all-in-one toolkit. One way or another, these tools do make your business-promoting efforts more effective.


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