For any architecture company, having a close-knit and loyal employee base is essential. The efficiency of your services depends on how well your team collaborates on projects. While building a loyal team takes time, you’ll need one to take your business to the next level.

10 Ways to Build a Close-Knit and High-Functioning Team

Building a happy and close-knit team requires a culture shift, and that isn’t easy to do. With that said, these 10 tips will help you create a loyal team that will generate a lot of growth quickly.

1. Focus on Team Building

Work towards fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie, openness, and trust by scheduling team activities or outings outside the office. When your employees know one another on a personal level, they’re more likely to build genuine connections that provide a basis for support.

2. Encourage Idea Collaboration

Encourage collaboration by asking teams to try out different ideas, share knowledge, and come up with innovative solutions. You can also use innovative ways to get your team talking. For example, video technology can make it easier for teams to share and review designs.

3. Set Your Expectations Up Front

Don’t keep your architecture team in the dark; let them know what you expect from them. Not only will that help them better understand your company’s goals, but it’ll also allow them to work towards them more efficiently. Without these expectations, engagement levels will suffer.

4. Give Out Company Awards

Recognize team accomplishments and acknowledge an entire team’s hard work whenever it’s achieved collectively, as it so often is. By giving teams unique glass awards, personalized gifts, or even a “thanks,” you’re creating a sense of corporate pride that can help build relationships.

5. Give Timely and Structured Feedback

Give timely feedback on performance, so your employees can reflect on their progress. Your feedback should also be structured and specific, as employees respond better when they know how to improve. Employees trust employers that can be honest, genuine, and trustworthy.

6. Have an Open Door Policy

Have an open door policy, but don’t forget to give each employee their space. You can do this by promoting individualism and autonomy and by creating a safe environment. Loyalty is built on mutual trust and respect. Your employees will appreciate that they’re seen as a whole person.

7. Offer Benefits and Incentives

Offer incentives, like bonuses or raises, when your employees have exceeded expectations. At the same time, you should also celebrate staff that make genuine improvements. On the other hand, you should always offer benefits (i.e., health and life insurance) for all staff at all times.

8. Host Team-Based Social Events

Consider putting on social events both with your ingroup and outgroup. Inviting your competitors out to lunch with your staff will really impress your employees, as it shows you’re a mature business owner. It also gives employees a chance to network and build new relationships.

9. Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Promote a healthy lifestyle to ensure staff remain engaged, motivated, and productive. This can include providing gym membership discounts or organizing team running or cycling events. By caring about your team’s health, you’re showing that you care about their overall wellness.

10. Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Work can be a drag, even at the best of times. While there’s a time for work, there’s also a time for play, and your architecture company should embrace those fun times. Laugher can really bond teams together, build comradery amongst colleagues, and make work more enjoyable.


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