Whenever we think about eco-friendly appliances in the home, we often think about smart thermostats so our air conditioning isn’t running so hot and hard, or eco friendly light bulbs that don’t use as much power. However, the AC system isn’t something most people who want to be conscious of the environment are focused on, which leads to the question: Can an AC unit be good for the environment?

Yes! There are plenty of things that you can do to make your AC unit eco-friendly, and then you can feel great every single time you turn on the air!

If You Do Have an AC System, Keep it in Good Working Order

For starters, the best thing you can do is to keep your AC system in working order for as long as possible. This means keeping an eye on it for maintenance and checking on any issues that might arise, and taking care of them.

An air conditioning system that is running at half capacity and is constantly working harder and expending more and more power to cool down your room is going to be very bad for the environment as well as the energy bills in your wallet!

So work on heating and air conditioning repairs and if needed, be sure to hire a company to perform a tune up on your unit. Once it gets too expensive to repair, then you can purchase a new one.

Look For Newer AC Units

While you might be able to save some money and give an older unit a new lease on life if you purchase an older unit or one that has been used before, newer AC units are often built with the environment in mind.

For example, most of the modern air conditioning systems are rated A for efficiency, because they don’t depend on refrigerants. So if you want to buy a newer AC unit, your choice will automatically be better for the environment!

Work On Natural Ventilation

Of course, air conditioning doesn’t need to be just from an HVAC system, but it can also be done in other ways that are low tech and also use the environment. For example, you can take a page from the days before electricity and work on natural ventilation.

Depending on the climate and where you are in the world, you can simply open windows and doors to allow the air in. Or close the windows with curtains to keep the air inside.

Fans also use small amounts of electricity and are one of the best ways to keep a room cool, so flick on a fan on a hot day and that will make you feel good.

Don’t Discount Smart Thermostats

Finally, as much as you might think that using electricity to be eco-friendly isn’t the best way to go, smart thermostats can make your AC more eco-friendly because they control just how much air your AC blows. That way you can use your air conditioner whenever you are home, but whenever you are out of the home your AC is programmed to turn off remotely and won’t expend more energy.

So don’t be afraid to get a smart thermostat system and learn how it works, and then you will be able to save and monitor your energy usage and make your air conditioning unit environmentally friendly!

Your AC Can Be Eco-Friendly If You Are

You can get the most environmentally friendly unit that they have, but you still need to take action and ensure that you are using your unit correctly in order to keep it eco-friendly. But if you put the effort into being eco-friendly, then your unit will help you.


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