For businesses to be successful and grow, they need to focus on repeat business. Here are just a few excellent ways in which you can encourage return business from your happy customers.

Keep in Touch with Your Customers

One of the best ways to encourage return business from your customers is to simply keep in touch with them. You can do that by sending periodic newsletters, personalized emails, texts, and even phone calls.

The aim is to remind your customers of your company’s existence. When your business remains top of past customers’ minds, they’re more likely to purchase products or services from you in the future.

You can also offer things like discounts  when contacting customers to persuade them to make purchases sooner than they otherwise would.

The only issue with keeping in touch with customers is the amount of time it takes. However, you can make use of an automated follow-up system that does all the hard work for you.

For instance, if you run a real estate business, turning closings into new deals is much easier when you use a follow-up system like Archie by Paperless Pipeline. Texts, emails, and even handwritten postcards are automatically sent out to every one of your past clients from the past eight years.

Respond to and Act on Feedback

Customers are more likely to do repeat business with your company if they feel like they are being listened to. Therefore, you should have a system in place that makes it easy for customers to provide feedback.

You should also demonstrate that you are listening to the feedback provided by responding and acting on it. When your existing customers can see that you have taken suggestions on board or solved issues quickly, they will gain more trust in your business.

And when customers trust you and have confidence in you, they are much more likely to buy services or products from you time after time.

Respond to Customer Issues with a Human Approach

The same logic applies to customer issues. When you can demonstrate that you listen to customer concerns and deal with any problems quickly, such as replacing products they have bought, for instance, you will show that your company provides first-rate customer service.

In turn, your customers will be satisfied and happy. And the more satisfied and happier your customers are, the more they will be encouraged to buy from your company again and again.

Just make sure that you respond to customer issues with a human approach rather than using generic messages and chatbots. Customers who engage with actual human beings are much more likely to be satisfied and become repeat customers.

Run a Loyalty Program

One tried and tested way of gaining repeat business from customers is to provide a loyalty program.

For instance, you could give customers who sign up for your program discounts on items once they make repeat purchases. You could give small discounts on each repeat purchase or you could offer larger discounts after a customer has bought, say, five or ten items.

You also have the option to provide other perks besides discounts, such as the first refusal to buy new products.

Create a Memorable Experience

When you focus on creating a memorable experience for your customers, they are more likely to remember your brand and return for repeat purchases. The key is to come up with marketing ideas that set your business apart from the competition.

That could be something like unique product packaging that is fun and engaging or writing handwritten notes of thanks that are included in the packages you send to your customers. The options are endless.

When you utilize bold and unique marketing strategies, you will create a memorable experience and see more and more repeat purchases from your valued customers.


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