A house becomes a home after being furnished and inhabited by people who have put their all into ensuring it’s a pleasant environment for them. While a house’s interior decoration space primarily reflects the owners, most people will use a guideline to create comfortable, stylish, and functional interiors.

Are you looking for inspiration to start your home renovation journey, or maybe you want to start your own interior design channel and gain YouTube subscribers? Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are the biggest nudges that make people want to give their all to interior design. In addition, YouTube offers a variety of DIY projects and home tours that will show you where to start. Here are six YouTube channels to follow.

1. Kinwoven – Robeson Design

With about 1.2 million subscribers, this channel is considered the most viewed in the niche of design and architecture. Rebecca Robinson films design projects and tips for house refurbishing and design. She concentrates on the tastes and preferences of her clients and makes their design dreams come true. Her design methods are high-quality and functional.

2. Emily Henderson

Emily is an author, stylist, and TV host who has taken over the interior design industry with her vintage-inspired aesthetic. Her channels consist of 50k+ subscribers, and you will find everything from your interior design style goals to clients’ makeovers. She focuses on individual stories and journeys and gives a personal experience with her creations. You will find videos about flea markets and DIY content that will keep you glued to your screen for hours.

3. The Sorry Girls

This fantastic duo has captured 2.15 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. They have paved their way into the world of makeovers, redesign, inspiration, and ideas by focusing on self-empowerment and DIY projects.

One of the most outstanding features of the channel is its ability to make small-budget decisions and valuable hacks. The girls don’t experiment only in interior design. You will find their YouTube videos with various experiments with holiday costumes and recreating luxurious items using low-budget material.

The Sorry Girls are persistent when posting their content three times a week. Whether you want to learn how to use a drill or looking for inspiration for redecorating your fireplace, the Sorry Girls is a go zone.

4. House & Home

Originating and operating in Canada, House, And Home is a Canadian magazine and brand focusing on home decoration. While their website has incredibly developed, their YouTube channels offer DIY and inspirational interior design makeovers.

In addition, their YouTube channels cover a wide range of content videos that can satisfy a vast audience. Some exciting topics you will find on this channel include:

  • Home tours
  • Decoration hacks and tips
  • House and apartment makeovers
  • Holiday tips and behind-the-scenes interviews with your favorite magazine editors.

5. Mr. Kate

Kate Albrecht and her partner Joey Zehr use this YouTube channel to provide design inspiration on YouTube for both beginners and experts. Mr. Kate’s channel is a mixture of vlogs with redesign videos, giving it a personal touch that is interesting to follow.

The channel has garnered 3.93 million subscribers who can’t get enough of her. An interesting playlist on this channel is the ‘OMG We bought a house,” where Joey and Kate help others achieve their house goals.

6. Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis built a community of 184k subscribers in under a year. He has you covered in whatever house design question you got. The channel focuses on emerging interior design trends and those that have had their day. His content emphasizes timeless interior design styles other than trendy ones, making a huge difference when working on a budget.


From home tours to DIY projects, we have selected the best YouTube channels to help you jumpstart renovating your home and interior design journey. And with certainty, there is no shortage of inspiration for what you aim to achieve.


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