Are you concerned about the safe packing and moving of your expensive and bulky furniture? Well, that’s a common worry of many people especially when they don’t want their furniture to be damaged. Everyone wants to have damage-free movement and loading of their couch, bed, table, and other furniture of their home. Without proper precautions, you won’t be able to shift your household items such as bulky furniture with ease.

There are some considerations and precautions as explained by experts at the best moving companies in Bronx that can help to relocate your heavy-weight furniture and stuff without any hassle. Let’s have a look at them discreetly:

Start measuring the dimensions first

For hassle-free packing and moving of bulky furniture, you must know their accurate dimension. When you’re aware of the dimensions, it becomes easy to get relevant and precise packaging boxes and other materials. Passing the doorways and galleries is the biggest concern while moving the couch, furniture, bed, and other stuff. Therefore, there’s a need to do proper planning and measurement of all the household bulky items.

For this, all that you need is measuring tape for door and furniture dimension measurement. You might end up wasting your time and putting in a lot of effort if you’ll skip this crucial step of measurement.

Dismantling of bulky furniture

For making the furniture move hassle-free, you should take ample time out to disassemble them. Heavy beds, couches, recliners, etc. are tough to move without dismantling them. This won’t be possible if the doors are small and have short frames. So, all that you need is to dissemble each of them whenever it is possible.

Dismantling the heavy household items will also help in preventing damage to your delicate, bulky, and expensive furniture. Along with this, packing and furniture loading also become a lot quicker and easier. Whenever you’re about to start the disassembly of your home’s furniture, you should plan all the things accordingly to make the further moving process easier.

Some of the tips that can help you in furniture dismantling are the removal of the top, legs, and knobs of the table and removing cushions and covers from the furniture.

Gather crucial packing supplies

No one wants to get their expensive furniture damaged especially when it is of glass and ceramic. It would be better to pack them perfectly so that there won’t be any impacts on them. Whether it’s for taking the furniture out of your home or loading it in a vehicle, it should be packed safely. Therefore, there’s a requirement for the best grade packing supplies.

Before you start packing each of the dismantled parts of furniture, gather all the packing items that are crucial. Get high-quality bubble wraps, corrugated boxes, sheets, and stretch wraps for moving. Along with this, you can also use moving blankets that can be kept inside the boxes to prevent any sort of impact on the corners of the furniture.

Right tools for relocating furniture and stuff

Another important consideration that makes the moving and transportation of furniture easy is the selection of the right tools. Without having proper tools for packing, moving, and loading, your entire process can get a lot more tough and challenging. You might also have to invest a lot of time of yours in doing a manual moving process in case of availability of no tools.

Tools are useful for packing all the small furniture parts with ease. Along with this, sliding the boxes of bulky furniture onto the vehicle will also be easier. Gliders are another vital moving tool that slides the furniture easily and prevents your floors from getting damaged. If possible, arrange a hand truck for your goods loading process.

For making the weighted furniture relocation easy, choosing the movers can also be of great help. Even the heaviest furniture can be moved out of your house with complete safety with the help of experienced movers.

To sum up

Bulky furniture is always a tough and challenging item for moving while relocating. When the furniture is expensive and delicate, you need to plan the packing and loading process accordingly. Make sure to follow aforesaid pointers while packing and moving the heavy-weight furniture and related stuff.


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