It’s important that your business puts its best foot forward when it comes to its appearance and the experience it provides. It has to be clean and inviting, or else customers won’t want to come there. This even applies to your bathroom. A study from Cintas found that 75% of Americans feel that a dirty bathroom would change their perception of a business. That’s a huge number, and it can seriously affect your revenue.

Bad Reviews

In today’s online world, you have to be better than ever before when it comes to your customer experience. This applies whether it’s with your bathroom, your customer service, or your products and services. The slightest mistake can become an internet review that is seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. Also, everyone has a camera, which means that there can be photographic evidence of a dirty bathroom for everyone to see. You simply can’t take chances. The people reading those reviews and seeing those pics are much less likely to take a chance on your business. Besides, if you’re that lax with your bathroom, what might that say about the food you serve or the product you offer?

If you are lacking in that area, and don’t know how to improve it, there are some things you can do to improve it. Your bathroom is a place where your customers want privacy and to feel comfortable. It has to be sanitary and everything needs to be easy to access. Here are some ideas to improve the experience in your bathroom.


Cleanliness is the most important aspect of the bathroom experience. It’s the first thing your customers will notice. Your bathroom is a place bacteria can build up and infections can spread. Not to mention the amount of direct, dust, and residue from people relieving themselves. After the pandemic people are more aware of germs and infectious diseases than in the past.

Make sure that you don’t just clean your bathroom, but you disinfect it. You need to make sure that you kill bacteria and germs to reduce the chance of infection. Not only that, but mold and mildew can build up over time. Cleaning properly will also kill odors. You should also leave a fresh scent behind so your customers sense something pleasant when they enter.

Cleaning On A Regular Schedule

To make sure that your bathroom is always clean, there should be a schedule that works for you and your staff to keep with it. You should sanitize every day, and check on your bathroom throughout the day to stay on top of things. If there is an accident or a mess, clean it up immediately. Even if something is left for a few minutes it can be disastrous. It only takes a couple seconds for someone to snap a picture.

Good Repair

You want everything to be in good repair in your bathroom. The counter shouldn’t have any chips or cracks, nor should the mirrors. The partitions will wear down over time, and they can be a target for graffiti and vandalism. There are many sites available online where you can update them, such as if you need to. You can choose the color and style, and they will send you the correct number based on the layout of your bathroom. With clear instructions, they are easy to install yourself so you can save money on a handyman.


You never ever want to leave too little toilet paper or hand towels for your customer. If you run out, then they will have an embarrassing situation, and it will be your fault. On your regular inspections to the bathroom, make sure that everything is well stocked. That includes paper towels, toilet paper, and hand soap. If you have a dispenser for feminine products, they should be stocked too. You should have dual toilet paper dispensers. That way if one runs out, they will be able to take from the other one, and you will replenish when you do your walk-through. The key is for your customers not to have to worry about anything while in your bathroom.

Bathrooms For Everyone

It’s important that your bathrooms feel welcoming for everyone. They should never feel like it’s a hassle to use them. For instance, once upon a time there were only diaper changing stations in the women’s restroom. Now, you should have one in all restrooms. If you have the space, make at least one bathroom a family restroom as well. You should also make your bathrooms accessible to people with a disability. Provide disposal for menstrual waste and diapers as well. This will make your bathrooms more inviting and easy to use.

You might not think about your bathroom as something that will affect your customers. But the truth is, your customers will make a judgment on the entirety of your business based on the condition of your bathroom. Use these tips to get your space in tip top condition. An inviting restroom won’t necessarily attract customers, but a dirty and stinky one certainly keep them away.


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