Email is one of the most effective channels for digital marketing. Still, you must ensure that the email addresses you use are valid and deliverable. This is where email validation comes into play. Read on to find out how.

5 Benefits of Regular Email Validation

Whether on purpose or by mistake, customers can give you incorrect or invalid email addresses. The fact that emails are really easy to create makes them susceptible to faking. This can be a huge issue for your business as it affects your data quality as well as the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. For this reason, you need to validate the addresses before adding them to your mailing list. Here are the benefits of regular email validation.

1. Minimises Bounce Rates

Email bounce rate is a percentage metric that shows the number of emails that are not delivered. While the reasons for this are varied, one of the most common reasons is wrong or invalid email addresses. This affects the deliverability of your marketing campaign, as well as your success rates.

With regular email validation, you can weed out invalid, incorrect, and undeliverable emails, thus reducing bounce rates. Integrating an email validation service like this one reduces the chance of getting bounced emails by more than 80%.

2. Better Sender’s Reputation

Sender reputation refers to the score assigned to a sender based on the quality of their email campaigns, frequency of the emails, as well as the user’s interaction. It is provided by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and also plays a huge role in deliverability. If you have a poor sender reputation, there is a high chance of your emails landing in the spam section. On the other hand, a good reputation will get your emails to their intended recipients.

Since regular email validation gives you a verified email list, it minimises your chances of looking like spam or getting rejected. This in turn creates a positive reputation among ISPs and ESPs (Email Service Providers). Whatever marketing email you send out, you can be sure that it will reach your desired audience.

3. Saves Resources

Email marketers often use ESPs when sending out messages to their subscribers. Most ESPs offer plans with prices depending on the number of emails you intend to send. If you have a bunch of invalid addresses, you will be losing resources in the form of large subscription fees.

By maintaining a clean email list, you minimise the subscription fees that could be wasted. It would be much more profitable if you send out fewer emails knowing that they are authentic. You are 99% sure that all the emails hit the right targets, thus making your campaigns successful.

4. Maintains Your Email List Quality

In email marketing, the quality of your email list determines the success you get. If you rely on email marketing for all your needs, you must ensure that your list is as clean as it can be. The biggest consequence of having bad addresses is degrading the quality of your list. Remember that even a 1% increase in invalid emails can cause your deliverability to fail by 10%, which is a huge margin.

All this can be avoided by performing regular email verification and validation. By ensuring a high-quality email list, you ensure that your sales team runs on accurate data thus improving the chances for success.

5. Improved Accuracy in Email Statistics

Gone are the days when one had to wait until a campaign was over to know the results. With digital marketing, you can get statistics on your efforts and know where to improve in real time. With invalid and bounced emails, you will be getting skewed statistics which affect your campaign’s success and effectiveness.

A good email validation tool will keep your emails clean and provide in-depth reporting on their status. This gives you an overall view of your customer and subscriber data. With this information, you can further personalise your email campaigns to engage the audience more. It will help you create an emotional connection with them, thus propelling you to success in the competitive business world.


Email validation or verification is a proactive approach to preventing data decay in your business or organisation. As you can see, regular email validation ensures that you maintain a healthy emailing list thus getting better engagement and results in your marketing campaigns. The best thing is that you can integrate email validation APIs in your systems to clean invalid or unusable addresses after a certain time automatically. You don’t have to struggle to manually remove one email address after another.


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