To choose a career path right out of school can be both daunting and exciting. If you are someone with a creative flair and looking for a future around it, interior designing is a flourishing career to choose from many others.
Interior designing is not just putting a space together well, rather it is enhancing the space into a series of emotions that one feels while on a walk through it. It is to keep in mind the personalization, idea of being sustainable, material understanding and so much more.

Here are a few top Interior designing courses after 12th grade that one can pursue: 

Colleges Offering Interior Designing

1. National Institute of Design (NID)

NID offers a Bachelor of Design in Furniture and Interior Design. Known for its rigorous curriculum and emphasis on innovation, NID’s program covers various aspects of interior and furniture design, including human factors, ergonomics, and sustainable practices. The program’s holistic approach ensures that graduates are not just skilled designers but also thinkers and problem-solvers.

Admission: NID DAT Prelims + Mains + Interview (conducted by college itself) Fees: INR 3,00,000 per year approximately

2. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

As one of the leading institutes in the realm of design, NIFT offers a Certificate course in Interior Design and Space Planning. The course encompasses an overall development of the students. They are encouraged to think creatively and practically, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the industry.

Admission: NIFT CAT + GAT + Situation Test Fees: INR 188800 per annu

3. CEPT University, Ahmedabad

CEPT University offers a Bachelor’s in Interior Design program that focuses on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. CEPT’s well-rounded curriculum prepares students to meet the demands of the industry effectively.

4. Pearl Academy

The course offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, with opportunities for internships and live projects.They focus on real-world skills, blending theory with hands-on projects and internships. Their industry-focused Interior Design program equips you with the skills and connections to succeed, so you’ll get insider tips and network with the coolest designers.

Admission: GPT + DAT + Interview
Fees: INR 6,77,000 per annum

5. Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Srishti’s B.Des in Interior & Furniture Design ignites creativity with technical mastery. Expect a blend of experimentation, collaboration, and interdisciplinary learning to forge your unique design voice. Plus, Srishti’s collaborative environment and focus on interdisciplinary learning ensure a rich and inspiring design journey.

Admission: SMEAT Entrance Exam Fees: INR 5.6 L per annum

6. JD Institute of Fashion Technology

JD Institute offers a comprehensive Bachelor’s program in Interior Design. The course covers various facets of interior design, including space planning, colour theory, and design software. JD Institute’s focus on practical skills and industry exposure ensures that students are ready to hit the ground running upon graduation.

Admission: GAT + Interview
Fees: INR 6 L per annum approximately

Diploma Courses In Interior Designing

Other than a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree there are various institutes which provide a Diploma course in Interior designing:

  •  NationalInstituteofDesign(NID),Ahmedabad:

Offers a Diploma in Interior Design (DID) as part of its multidisciplinary design programs.

  • PearlAcademy,MultipleCampuses(Delhi,Mumbai,Jaipur):

    Offers a Diploma in Interior Design and Styling.
  • CEPTUniversity,Ahmedabad:

    Offers a Diploma in Interior Design as part of its School of Interior Design.
  • AAFTUniversity:

    Offers 1-year PG Diploma course in Interior Design.
  • SymbiosisInstituteofDesign(SID),Pune:

    Offers a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration.
  • IndianInstituteofArtandDesign(IIAD),NewDelhi:

    Offers a Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design.
  • InternationalInstituteofFashionDesign(INIFD),MultipleCampuses:

    Offers Diploma in Interior Design programs across various locations in India.
  • JawaharlalNehruArchitectureandFineArtsUniversity(JNAFAU), Hyderabad:

    Offers a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration.

Career Opportunities In Interior Designing

Qualification in Interior Design opens a door full of opportunities in diversified job prospects:

1. InteriorDecorator:

Similar to interior designers, interior decorators focus more on the decorative aspects of interior spaces. They select and arrange furniture, accessories, and colour schemes to create visually appealing environments.

2. FurnitureDesigner:

Furniture designers create and design furniture pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They may work for furniture manufacturers, design firms, or as independent designers.

3. SetDesigner:

Set designers are responsible for creating the visual appearance of sets for film, television, theatre, and events. They collaborate with directors, producers, and art directors to bring scripts and concepts to life through set design.

4. ExhibitionDesigner:

Exhibition designers design and create immersive experiences for exhibitions, trade shows, museums, and galleries. They consider factors such as space, lighting, signage, and visitor flow to engage and inform audiences.

5. RetailStoreDesigner:

Retail store designers design retail spaces that attract customers and enhance the shopping experience. They focus on creating layouts, displays, and atmospheres that reflect the brand identity and promote sales.

6. VisualMerchandiser:

Visual merchandisers design and arrange displays and product layouts to attract customers and increase sales in retail environments. They use their understanding of design principles and consumer behaviour to create compelling visual presentations.

7. SustainableDesignConsultant:

With growing awareness of environmental issues, there is a demand for professionals who specialise in sustainable design practices. Sustainable design consultants integrate eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and green building principles into their designs.

8. Educator/Trainer:

Experienced interior designers may choose to share their knowledge and expertise by teaching or training aspiring designers at design institutes, colleges, or as private tutors.


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