The dining table is where most families spend their time together, and it is the focal point of your living room. There are a lot of different considerations to keep in mind when picking out the right dining table for your space.

modern dining table is more than a place to have dinner. It’s where we share our lives with friends and family, create memories and tell stories. So when it comes time to choose the perfect table for your home, don’t just take the easy way out and buy an ordinary piece of furniture. You deserve something that reflects your personality.

Bold Colors

One of the most exciting trends in dining room design this next year is a return to bold colors like cobalt blue or purple, complementing white walls and modern kitchen appliances quite nicely.

For a long time, dining tables were typically a muted neutral color, but recently they have been coming in bolder colors. While you can still find dining tables in traditional colors such as black, brown, and white, you can also find some bright colors on the market. There are even some newer styles that combine these bold colors with patterns or more unusual shapes. This trend is likely to gain popularity in 2023 year.

Mixed Materials

In the past, many tables were made from just one material or wood. Nowadays, more table designs use multiple materials to create unique combinations that give each table its character and style.

This could be mixing wood trim with a glass or metal top, or using all three materials in the same table, such as a glass top over industrial-style metal legs. These tables are probably the most striking, and they can also be very functional by providing an area to display items without obscuring the table’s surface.

Statement Legs

The legs of the table are just as important as the tabletop. In recent times many people have taken a liking to statement legs. Rather than tubular or round legs, these unique tables have legs made from leather or metal. The design of these tables is often much more industrial in style, which means that most people who want to keep a more classic look will want to skip them. However, they can also be very striking and provide an interesting focal point in the room.

Popular Style

The dinner tables that have been popular in recent years have been circular designs. This style was originally achieved by using a round table top, but more recently, people are finding ways to achieve this look with square or rectangular tops. In addition to circular tables, there is a trend toward more dramatic table shapes. Rectangular designs tend to be the most popular for this trend because they tend to be less dense and create an airier room.

Farmhouse Style Table

The farmhouse table has been a classic design for as long as people have had dining tables. However, the most common way to create this table style is to combine glass or metal with wood. This will look much less industrial than tables with metal legs alone and will generally give the room a more sophisticated look. It is an older design that will probably see a resurgence in popularity over the next year.

Industrial Table

The industrial dinner table is one of the most popular with homeowners because it blends old and new. The table uses metal pipe legs held up by a wooden top. This wooden top is often made in the shape of a coffee cup, which was popular in early industrial times.

Because of their popularity, this table has led to many other designs that use steel or metal for their legs, such as the urban table designs. Many people enjoy these tables for their uniqueness and because they make a bold statement in any home decor.

Compact tables

When it comes to compact dinner tables, there are many options. You can find a table that is just as large as a normal dining room table, which works very well in traditional homes or a compact table that is smaller and designed for smaller areas. Because most compact tables are small, you must be careful with how much you put on them.

These tables tend to hold less than the usual dining table. However, they are still an option if you want a smaller space for your items but don’t want to lose the functionality of having this type of space.

Live edge wood

The live edge wood table is another one of the most popular modern styles. The table is made with a real slat that gives it the look of being pulled right out of the tree. This makes this style decorative and very unique, especially in a living room.

These tables are perfect and give a rustic feel that works well. Remember that if you want something like this, it will cost more than any other tables since these slats come from a live tree and do not come cheap.

High-End Materials

The materials that you choose for your new dining table are very important. The most common material combinations are wood and glass, which can be made to fit nearly any style. However, you can also find tables made from more expensive or rarer materials such as maple, walnut, and other types of hardwood.

Even stone is sometimes used as the tabletop in a dining room table. If you want a table with a more modern look but don’t like how traditional glass or metal legs can look, consider looking at the different options for hardwood tables on the market today.

The Bottom Line

The main dining table trend for 2023 will be in finding ways to incorporate the traditional look of wood with more modern materials. This can be done through the choice of the tabletop, but also by using metal or glass legs. Combination, when done right, makes a table that looks very sleek and modern but still has an airiness to it because of the natural wood used for the top.


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