Your home is a landscape of possibilities for your scented candles. Although there are places where you should avoid putting candles in your home, e.g. Using scented candles can be a great way to add a nice scent to your home. However, it is wise to be careful when deciding where to place the scented candle. For example, placing a scented candle near something flammable can be risky because it ignites easily. In Luminara flameless candles people can create a good environment at home. Also, placing two candles close together can result in the scents not blending properly.

Before you shop online, you need to find out where to put scented candles in your home. Getting it right can mean a lot to a home. It can help lift your spirits or make your home smell great, making it very comfortable to live in.


The living room is always the first place to put scented candles, and for real events. You spend a lot of time there. So adding a warm scent like sandalwood can help you feel better. They offer a very warm feeling and an inviting scent that your visitors will enjoy. With Luminara flameless candles people can make their room having good fragrance.

Some of them can help elevate your mood, making you feel alive and active. Lighting scented candles in the living room can also create a comfortable and enjoyable place to relax. So you can be sure that you will relax and feel good after a long tiring day at work. Interestingly, the living room offers several places to place your candles. You can put the candle on the coffee table or the side table. But make sure you don’t put it near flammable objects or materials to avoid a fire hazard. If you choose a side table, make sure the candles are away from your furniture as they may catch fire.


If you love tropical scents or the smell of clean sheets, the bathroom might be your favourite place. It’s perfect for some melted wax or scented candles but isn’t always the best choice for masking unpleasant bathroom odours. Since bathrooms tend to be smaller, it’s best to choose a relatively smaller candle. Wondering where to put scented candles in the bathroom? Well, there are several options. For many people, the back of the toilet is a great placement option. Women should always take care not to get wax on their long hair when using the toilet.

Also, your bathroom offers the best chance of smelling fresh and pleasant in the shower. For a better scent, you can use scented candles with bath salts or bath fragrance. In this case, be sure to place a candle behind the toilet or beside the tub, especially if the candle is smaller. You can use the shelves in your bathroom as another place to place candles in the bathroom.


After a busy day, you may want to take a break in the afternoon at sunset. Using scented candles can help you relax in bed while waiting to fall asleep. This brings us to the next perfect place to place your scented candles to add a wonderful scent to your home. Different scented candles that are best suited for relaxation are lavender, rose, ginger and jasmine. That’s why you can consider one of them to complement your bedroom and relieve fatigue and stress. The good thing is that there are great deals on the market today that you definitely can’t miss with a coupon code.


Well, you might think that searching online for scented candles to put in your kitchen is crazy. People claim that the sweet aroma of the delicious food in the pots and pans is enough to enhance the taste. But the problem is, the smell of some foods can be very strong. Hence, it is best to use a good scented candle to beat such pong; to give your home the perfect yet inviting scent like freshly baked bread. You can find your favorite scent by using a coupon code to save a lot.

Storage units

Using scented candles as an air freshener can be a great way to get rid of bad odors in your storage space. The only thing, however, is that they are perfect for short term use. So don’t forget to use some candles with the same scent to add a nice scent to your home. Also pay attention to items with a high risk of ignition.


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