Have you been staring at that blank piece of paper or the screen, struggling to take the next step? Do you feel some sort of creative fatigue?

While it may seem like the inspiration just left you whatsoever, trust me, even the very best creators have had an off day. The good news is there are plenty of online resources to help you through your funk.

In this article, we’ll cover the 7 greatest online resources for architectural education, history, news, manufacturers, and much more.

Let’s dive in…

7 best online resources for architects

#1. Study Architecture

If you want to further your architectural knowledge in a structured environment or simply get some new ideas, look no further than Study Architecture. This American-based website is a hub for study materials, guides, videos, and events.

The website also offers a course locator, with varying filters for your preference. Some of the filters include:

  • The type of degree program you’re after;
  • Your area of focus, e.g., community design, historic preservation, etc.;
  • If the school offers extra facilities or programs like studying abroad;
  • Tuition price range options.

Study Architecture also hosts a blog that showcases student innovations and achievements from all around the world.

#2. The Royal Institute Of British Architects (RIBA)

Founded in 1834, the RIBA organization aims to advance architecture and the science and art associated with it. Since 2017, RIBA has grown into a global membership program with various international offices.

Of the countless features included on RIBA’s website, you can:

  • Find a RIBA architect to work or study with;
  • Explore collections or their extensive library;
  • Local and international events and competitions;
  • Browse RIBA membership, accreditation, and validated courses.

Not to worry if you live a little far from England – there are RIBA chapters you can join in the Americas, Asia and Australiasia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

#3. WikiArquitectura

But what about those who’ve already finished school? Well, you haven’t learned it all just yet. For experienced architects, WikiArquitectura is your go-to resource for architectural history, past and present.

The website offers encyclopedic knowledge on the most relevant buildings and architects from human history. Featured are in-depth documentation on 1331 buildings, 1201 architects, 546 cities, and 119 building types.

If you feel like you’re hitting an inspirational brick wall, sometimes studying the great works of the past can greatly inspire your creativity. Take design aspects from renowned architects and translate them to the project you’re stuck on.

#4. ArchDaily

Rather than scrolling through your social media on the train to work, try a resource like ArchDaily. It’s the world’s most visited architecture website for a reason. This blog broadcasts the latest in architecture news and projects.

ArchDaily covers news on:

  • Sustainable design;
  • Technology and software innovations;
  • Interviews with architects;
  • Featured products and much more.

You’ll never run out of reading material on ArchDaily. Get even deeper into modern, cutting-edge projects with statistics and various images on every build. Browse international city guides, awards, and events near you.

#5. Archello

In a similar way to ArchDaily, Archello is a great online resource for architects. While the site still spotlights builds and other projects, the aim of Archello is to link architects with product manufacturers.

The platform claims to offer over:

  • 100,000 projects from across the globe;
  • 800,000 brand and 1 million product connections to projects;
  • 5 million architectural images.

Archello acts as a hub for architects and product-makers who want to witness the product in a form of a real-life example. Not only can the featured projects inspire you, but you might see lighting, seating, or other products that suit your project perfectly.

#6. Freepik

Perhaps the simplest tool on the list, but one you might use every day is Freepik. On the outside, Freepik looks like a typical stock photo platform, yet it offers particularly valuable assets to architects.

This platform delivers royalty-free stock images, vectors, fonts, and designs. Architects love Freepik for its many design templates and mockups, often available in Photoshop files, ready for you to edit instantly.

#7. UN 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development

Lastly, and maybe the most important resource for the future of architecture, is the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 goals, agreed upon by all member states in 2015, specify the targets the UN plans to meet by 2030.

Among them are a handful that architects need to pay extra attention to:

  • Goal 1: No poverty. Can your work help those that need it most?
  • Goal 9: Sustainable industry, innovation, and infrastructure.
  • Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.
  • Goal 15: Life on land. Does your project promote or damage local wildlife?

Successful architects in years to come will need to develop within these sustainable practices. Especially now, as climate change is rapidly increasing, architects can find success and help to mend the planet with their work.

So, why not ponder on these global challenges and maybe, get inspired for your own future project?

Conduct your own research

While we collected some of the best resources that can inspire an architect with a creative block, there are many more of them available to you online.

Right before you go off and find your own online resources, it’s important to mention cybersecurity. Some of the online tools and resources you find on the internet can contain malicious software which can harm your computer and damage your digital files.

Software like a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help when you’re browsing fraudulent websites or even on public Wi-Fi connections. The VPN IP address changer allows for your real location and private data to be concealed from hackers.


Is your imagination taking a day off? There’s no need to hit a creative wall if you have the right online resources at your disposal.

With the 7 online resources listed in this article, architects of any kind can find communities, news, educational materials, and inspiration for their next projects.



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