Leading your business responsibly and sustainably is a must in the modern world. Implementing green practices into your workflow can provide environmental and economic benefits. Today, we will explore what actions your used device business can take and discuss how testing software contributes to sustainable goals.

How Does the Tech Industry Influence the Environment? 

Electronic waste is a massive problem for the planet, harming soil, water, and air with toxic chemicals. However, pollution can be prevented by conscious consumption and electronic device recycling.

Lower consumption

Nowadays, trends and constantly developing technologies push consumers to buy new devices and replace old ones while they are still in working condition. This leads to overproduction of the devices and their parts. Additionally, electronics that could be used end up in landfills, polluting the environment.

Recycling of electronics

When a device can no longer be used, it should be recycled according to modern standards of environmental sustainability. For example, in the US, there are R2-certified companies that perform electronic recycling in compliance with strict guidelines.

What Role Does Testing Software Play in Sustainable Consumption?

Used phone businesses can contribute to the circular economy by both extending devices’ lifecycles and recycling non-working devices. The best way to do it is to implement testing software into your workflow. It will provide comprehensive diagnostics so you can make the best use of the phone and its parts. In case some parts are not working, you can replace and recycle them. This will extend the device’s lifespan while reducing the amount of e-waste.

What Sustainable Software to Choose?

To boost your sales while benefiting the environment, try NSYS Diagnostics! This mobile phone testing software performs 60+ tests to detect over 100 possible hardware defects. What benefits does it have?

  • Testing up to 57 devices an hour;
  • 50+ options on how to automate your workflow;
  • 100% device authenticity verification;
  • Reduced human errors because more than 70% of tests are automated;
  • Launching the software takes less than 3 hours with minimum efforts.

Implement NSYS Diagnostics and scale up your journey to sustainability!


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